Dragon Ball Super Reveals What Happened to Its Most Tragic Hero

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter #67, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, available now in English from Viz Media.

Debuting at the start of the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga," Merus proved an integral character in the Z-Fighters battle against the energy-absorbing Moro. While at first Merus appeared to just be a regular member of the Galactic Patrol, the manga quickly revealed the hero was, in actuality, an Angel. This led to a lot of complications, as Angels aren't supposed to interfere directly in the goings on of the universe. Still, Merus fought Moro directly, which resulted in the hero fading from existence. Now, though, Dragon Ball Super Chapter #67 has revealed just what happened to Merus -- and it's a surprisingly happy ending.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter #67 takes place after Goku has defeated Moro and saved the universe, mostly dealing with the results of that confrontation while setting up the series' next arc. Over the course of the chapter, the Z-Fighters celebrate their victory, and the Namekians use their Dragon Balls to revive all those killed by Moro. For its part, the Galactic Patrol recaptures all of the prisoners Moro set free earlier in the arc.

At some point after the victory over Moro, the Galactic Patrol awards Goku, Vegeta, Buu and Jaco medals. However, they're not the only ones awarded a medal. Soon, Dragon Ball Super reveals Merus is once again alive. Now going by the name Merus Ikanoichiya-Bosshi, the hero soon reveals that he only ceased to exist as an Angel, as the Grand Priest spared him.

From there, the Grand Priest -- who is chastising Beerus and Whis far, far away -- notes that Merus "now has a lifespan and his Angel powers are gone." As to just why the Grand Priest -- who was adamantly against Merus interfering in the battle with Moro -- spared the former Angel, he explains that Kaio-Shin was willing to sacrifice his life for the hero. This would have, had the Grand Priest accepted, also resulted in the death of Beerus. However, rather than take their lives, the Grand Priest opts instead to humiliate the duo.

Merus returns in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67

Over the course of his time in Dragon Ball Super, Merus established that, like Goku, he wanted to protect the universe and was willing to do anything so as to safeguard what he'd come to love. Opting to bring him back to life does, perhaps, undermine that sacrifice in some way, but Merus as a character will now be free to continue his work with the Galactic Patrol. As such, this really is quite a happy ending for the former Angel, and it's entirely possible he'll play a role in future Dragon Ball Super arcs.

The final chapter of the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga" also takes time to humanize the Grand Priest, who at times has seemed like a distant and stern figure. By having him spare Merus, the Grand Priest has proven that he's not just a heartless rule-follower. Instead, he's a compassionate being, willing to bend the law to do what he feels is right, though he's definitely not above humiliating his underlings.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter #68 releases Jan. 20

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