Dragon Ball Super Fans Love What a Solid Bro Vegeta Has Become

Vegeta's surprising act of kindness in the latest Dragon Ball Super chapter has won over readers.

Chapter 78 of Dragon Ball Super was released on Nov. 19, and a surprise move by Vegeta towards the end of the chapter has once again prompted to fans to discuss the sequel manga's treatment of the character. The chapter sees The Heeters arriving to finish off the series' heroes with their most powerful warrior, the weapon-generating Gas, who is now boasting a significant increase to his strength thanks to a wish granted by the Dragon Balls. Gas overpowers both Granolah and Goku, who were already exhausted from their previous battle. After enduring an insult from Goku about the appearance of his new Ultra Ego form, Vegeta grabs the team's last Senzu bean, but instead of using the bean's miraculous restorative powers on himself, he feeds it to Granolah and tells the last Cerealian to seize his last chance for revenge.

Dragon Ball Super was previously criticized by some Vegeta fans when the Saiyan prince briefly turned on Goku after the kind martial artist tried to help him out during his one-on-one with Granolah several chapters ago, but Vegeta's latest surprise has been mostly well received by longtime fans of the series. Many readers took to social media to discuss Vegeta's sudden altruistic turn, with the general consensus being that the Saiyan's act of kindness shows how much he has grown and matured since he originally landed on Earth with the goal of destroying the planet and defeating Goku.

While Granolah's wish for power put a hard time-limit on his lifespan, some fans are now hoping that the villain-turned-hero becomes a permanent member of Goku's ever-growing circle of friends. In addition to praise for Vegeta, many readers enjoyed the interactions between the Cerealian and Goku and Vegeta, now that the three warriors are all on the same side.

Dragon Ball was created by Akira Toriyama in 1984 and is widely considered one of the most influential anime and manga series of all time.  Toriyama's original work is the third best-selling series of all time with 260 million copies in circulation around the world. The original manga came to an end in 1995, but received a continuation in 2015, entitled Dragon Ball Super. The new manga is drawn by an artist named Toyotarou, who has been appointed by Toriyama as his official successor.

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