Dragon Ball: Every Gohan Look, Ranked

Dragon Ball Z's Gohan has had no shortage of iconic looks throughout the series' run. Every story arc has seen Gohan sport a unique outfit or hairstyle to fight evil and pursue his academic aspirations in -- or sometimes multiple looks during the same one.

Of all the young half-Saiyan's memorable designs, which one is his best of all? Here are many of Gohan's various styles sported over his numerous adventures in Dragon Ball Z and Super, ranked from worst to best.

10. Namek Saga Gohan

Namek Saga Gohan is one of the young warrior's most iconic looks. The classic, shoulder-guarded Saiyan armor is a classic design. However, that bowl cut is easily poor Gohan's worst haircut, resulting in one of his dorkiest looks. He has become a formidable fighter, but it's hard to take him seriously with that mushroom hairdo.

9. Dad Gohan

Gohan, Videl, and Pan in Dragon Ball Super

After he and Videl give birth to Pan, Gohan feels like a very different character in Super, having almost completely stopped his training. While he now sports some fun glasses that accent his face, he has gone from a tough hero saving the world to basically a dad. He does suit up in his Buu Saga attire from time to time, but it does not detract from his decidedly boring, academic aesthetic.

8. Saiyan Saga Gohan

Piccolo protects Gohan in Dragon Ball Z

During the Saiyan Saga, Gohan undergoes multiple looks and his style immediately following his training with Piccolo is iconic. His aesthetic strongly resembles that of his Namekian mentor's, resulting in a unique outfit that showcases his growth thus far in the story. Despite only being worn over the course of a few episodes, it remains among his most iconic looks throughout Dragon Ball.

7. Buu Saga Gohan

Gohan grew up quite a bit during the Buu Saga, resulting in the Saiyan warrior taking on an appearance akin to his father Goku, from his gi to his hair. It is also the least distinct of his looks, making it a very neutral appearance. That said, considering how closely Gohan resembles his younger brother Goten here, his generic gi look ultimately removes any distinction about his appearance.

6. High School Gohan

Most teens look awkward in high school, and Gohan is no exception. His high school phase showcased his first transition into adulthood as he traded his traditional fighting attire in for more mainstream attire. That said, Gohan's clothing still looks like something a person unfamiliar with a classic teenager's clothing might assemble for themselves.  It's a memorable, albeit odd, outfit.

5. Gohan's Kai Planet Uniform

Upon being saved after fighting Buu and having his hidden potential unlocked by the Elder Kai, Gohan puts on a particularly starchy-looking uniform. It is a strange, otherworldly attire that resembles the outfits worn by the Supreme Kai. It somehow looks both ridiculous and fitting for Gohan, who is entirely out of his element while wearing it.

4. Gohan During the Raditz Fight

Before training under Piccolo, Gohan was mostly a regular toddler. In this bright and traditional attire, he left an immediate impression. Of all young Gohan's outfits, this is his best. Plus he wears a Dragon Ball as an accessory, so this absolutely ranks as top-tier Gohan fashion. Granted, the outfit is incredibly impractical in combat given its flowy nature. Still, it's a memorable getup considering it only appears in Dragon Ball Z's first few episodes before being discarded.

3. Android/Cell Saga Gohan

While Gohan would go on to have more impressive looks, this is arguably the young warrior's most iconic outfit, incorporating aesthetics from both Piccolo and Goku. The all-purple looks like a grown-up version of his Saiyan Saga gi. He also casually adds Piccolo's cape to his attire. Add to that his iconic Super Saiyan 2 transformation and you have Gohan at his peak.

2. Future Gohan

Gohan in Future Trunks' timeline looks much like Buu Saga Gohan, but with a few key details changed. Most notably, Future Gohan ends up losing his arm during a fight with the Androids. This single-armed, scarred look results in a grizzled, intense-looking Gohan who simply looks more intimidating and mighty than any other Gohan throughout the continuity.

1. Great Saiyaman

Great Saiyaman is the best Gohan outfit in the Dragon Ball franchise and it isn't even close. This superhero uniform is his attempt to look cool, and it puts every other look into perspective. Throughout his life, Gohan thought wearing Saiyan armor and gis wasn't cool. Rather, his idea of cool is wearing the goofiest outfit ever while running out and stopping crime. This getup is just so incredibly dorky that it's hard not to admire, especially when Videl decides to join in on the fun and wear an equally dorky costume with him. The Great Saiyaman outfit is a confirmation that Gohan and Videl are a perfect match, and for that alone it has to be the best one of all.

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