Dr. Stone Discovers a Ready-Made Cure for Petrification… Using Snickers

In a recent Japanese advertisement, Dr. Stone's main character Senku seems to have come up with a brand-new way to de-petrifying people without the need for nitric acid! How? The most delicious coming way of coming back to your senses: Snickers! Because you're not you when you're hungry.

The short ad is perfect for those who can't wait for Season 2 to see more of Senku animated, filled to the brim with his abrasively compassionate personality. Senku's swift decisive action regardless of the situation around him and the flair with which he does it always leads to a good laugh, and his actions in the ad are no different. It may only be thirty seconds, but it's sure to make you chuckle, at least a little.

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Rescuing Japanese comedian Kouki Kusanagi from his stone prison, Senku seems to be one step closer to solving the petrification mystery, or would be, if there were any actual Snickers bars left. Undoubtedly, after 3000 years, even the most preserved bar, hidden away in a millionaire's disaster vault, will have decomposed back into dust. But that doesn't mean there's not hope!

It wouldn't be the first time Senku had recreated some creature comforts of modern-day Japan. From foxtail ramen to cola, the cast of Dr. Stone has demonstrated a love of good, tasty food. With so much territory left unexplored, there's a chance that peanuts or cocoa seeds may have found their way into Japanese soils and started producing a crop. It's possible chocolate, much like cotton candy and cola, could be a prime method of "helping" people defect from the Tsukasa Empire to the Kingdom of Science. Gen is the first example to prove the old adage true, with food truly being the way to his heart.

When Gen was sent from the empire to confirm Senku's death, he gets a taste of Senku's newly created ramen, and gives Senku a challenge -- to make cola. Though he appears to side with the Kingdom long before Senku finishes making the cola, it's the promise of the sweet fizzy elixir that keeps Gen on their side, and watching him down the drink is one of the most satisfying moments in the first season.

With the importance of food in Dr. Stone, emphasized by Boichi's wonderfully delicious-looking art, it simply makes sense to pair Senku with food products like Snickers for cross-promotion campaigns. It may be ridiculous commercialism, but if it brings more people to appreciate science, Senku's all for it.

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