Deep Insanity’s Assassination Attempt Ends in the Wrong Death

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 6 of Deep Insanity: The Lost Child, "Take 06," now streaming on Funimation.

The time for the assassination mission on Exile El-Cee finally arrives for Commander Vera Rustamova and the Sleeper Squad under her command, with success hinging on newcomer Daniel Shigure's ability to make the shot. Vera meets with squad leader Leslie Blanc before the mission, gifting a good luck charm in an odd gesture of sentimentality from the so-far frigid commander. Leslie admits later to leaving the charm behind -- a colossal mistake given how the mission in Episode 6 turns out.

Deep Insanity anime Episode 6

Daniel's companions on the field, Larry Jackson and Reika Kobato, are in the dark when it comes to the actual purpose of their infiltration of an Exile town. Deep Insanity continues to expand upon the world of Asylum and the lives of Exiles, first depicting them as fairly nomadic humans in small oases but now branching off into more monstrous breeds. At the same time, it's revealed that Exiles also live in towns and have organized religion as well as weaponry, historical relics and castes of society that equal those on the surface. These revelations make it clear that the exploration and exploitation of Asylum is a simple matter of colonialism, but Deep Insanity spends no time on ethical discussion. Leslie, Larry and Reika gain access to an Exile gathering dressed as servants and Daniel positions himself as a sniper.

Whether Daniel will be able to bring himself to assassinate El-Cee has been a question ever since he learned who his target would be. Will he side with the squad he's spent the first half of the show risking his life alongside, or will he fail his mission and put them in jeopardy over a few cute bonding moments with an Exile child? Luckily for Daniel, the sudden appearance of Hayden prevents him from having to make that particular choice.

Hayden battling in Deep Insanity Episode 6

Ever since his introduction in Deep Insanity, Hayden and his assistant Nadia have been a constant threat to the Sleeper Squad. Hayden makes his full force known in a battle against Leslie that features suits of armor, priceless pottery and some of the best animation the series has given so far. The manner is which they attempt a killing blow with every strike makes it clear this will not be a case of star-crossed ex-lovers that will eventually redeem Hayden, as might have been predicted when he was first introduced. The fight brings the two into Daniel's scope and, instead of choosing whether or not to kill El-Cee, he shoots Hayden to save Leslie's life. Hayden retreats and the Sleeper Squad call the mission a failure.

However, the lack of a good luck charm still plays a role. The squad are attacked by an Asylum creature as they retreat, but Leslie is able to distract it away from the others. Hayden manages one more trick on his own retreat, shooting Leslie out of the air and sending them tumbling down into the Asylum depths as the Sleepers watch, helpless and horrified. Not only did the assassination fail, but Leslie -- a devoted squad leader and constant support to Vera -- has been lost due to Hayden and his ability to infiltrate Asylum.

This loss shatters the Sleeper Squad viewers have known so far, and what they will do from here is a complete unknown. Leslie's death signals a whole new chapter in Deep Insanity, one where each member of the squad will have to step up and, hopefully, where Vera herself will begin to take charge.

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