Damon’s “Hustle With A Purpose” Marks A Glow Up For The Debuting Artist

Damon’s debut release “Hustle With A Purpose” marks a glow-up for the emerging artist and the first act of what we foresee to be a long and successful career in music and entertainment. Damon has chosen The Crushboys as his partners in crime on this debut project, and we must say, his intuitions were on point. 

The song comes alongside a captivating and fun music video that brings to life a super efficient choreography that a legion of new fans are already mimicking on Tik Tok and other platforms. “Hustle With A Purpose” is dedicated to the class of 2020, and aims at encouraging all to get the job done before going out and having fun. 

Damon’s superpower lies in being able to translate a serious message in the most exciting forms, to reach the maximum number of people in the shortest amount of time. All for an inspiring cause!