Curse Yourself With Jujutsu Kaisen’s Sukuna Finger Chocolate Mold

Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen can now devour Ryomen Sukuna's fingers themselves.

According to Famitsu, Premium Bandai is now selling chocolate molds in the shape of Sukuna's demonic fingers. Each mold can make up to five fingers and retails for 3,870 yen (approximately $35). It is recommended that consumers use toasted almonds for the fingernail in order to create a more realistic finger. Moreover, while marketed specifically as a chocolate mold, the mold can be used to create ice cubes and other types of desserts as well, boing made out of silicon rubber.

Sukuna is one of the primary antagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen and is known as the King of Curses. His fingers are an important plot element of the show, allowing him to endure after his original defeat over 1,000 years ago. Throughout the story, protagonist Yuji Itadori eats the fingers as part of a strategy to eventually vanquish Sukuna for good.

Premium Bandai's chocolate mold isn't the only Jujutsu Kaisen merchandise to be released recently. For example, the streetwear brand Crunchyroll Love launched a clothing collection based on the series.

Currently, Premium Bandai is only selling the chocolate mold on its Japanese website, and there is no word on whether it will be available for purchase internationally or in the United States.

Source: Famitsu, via Siliconera 

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