Build Divide Added to Crunchyroll’s Fall Lineup

Crunchyroll has announced that Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black)- will officially be part of its fall 2021 simulcast lineup and has released a trailer to get fans excited for the new card game anime.

The trailer promises that Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black)- will be "a new card battle anime that will change everything." Aniplex, card design company Yūhodō and animation studio Liden Films (Tokyo RevengersAfter School Dice Club) are producing the show with Yuki Komada (Blade of the Immortal) serving as director, Yoriko Tomita (Fire ForceAce Attorney) writing the scripts and Shinpei Tomooka (Trinity SevenInukami!) designing the characters.

Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black)- follows protagonist Teruhito Kurabe as he competes in the Build Divide card game in order to challenge the King, the ruler of Neo Kyoto. If Teruhito manages to win, his ultimate wish will be granted.

The anime features an experienced cast of voice actors, including Yūto Uemura (Moriarty the PatriotDrifting Dragons) as Teruhito, Yu Serizawa (Black CloverHow Not to Summon a Demon Lord) as Kikka and Aoi Koga (Wise Man's GrandchildBeyblade Burst God) as Hiyori Tori.

Crunchyroll will simulcast Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black)- starting Oct. 9 in the US, UK, Middle East, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Latin America, Russia and India with new episodes premiering every Saturday.

Source: YouTube, Crunchyroll

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