Boruto: Naruto Still Has One Issue With His Son – And It Could Be Fatal

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chapter #62 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, “Run-In,” by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

A major draw in the Boruto franchise was how Naruto -- despite all his compassion and heroics for Konoha and other shinobi nations -- just couldn't succeed as a proper father to Boruto. He let his Hokage duties get in the way, which sucked as he didn't have the luxury of his father Minato when growing up. However, bit by bit, he and Boruto have mended fences and worked alongside each other, but come Boruto #62, Naruto still has one major issue with his boy -- and it could have fatal consequences.

It occurs when Boruto snitches on how Kawaki left a shadow clone while nulling his chakra so he could go hunt Code undetected. Boruto knows it's a suicide mission, so he informs his father about what's going on and how the sensory ninja unit has been duped.

However, Naruto doesn't take kindly to the news as he accuses Boruto of stirring up lies. He implies his son is jealous of Kawaki, resorting to his old days of being a spoiled brat. It leaves Boruto upset as he thought they'd matured and moved past that. It's not nice to hear Naruto berating and distrusting his son like this, especially after they've been through so much recently.

Plus, Boruto showed his worth in the field and how serious his outlook on life is after helping kill Isshiki. Seeing as he's also running the risk of being taken over by Momoshiki, he's far more serious about life now and not pulling infantile antics. He can't believe Naruto would treat him like this, as he's got no reason to lie. In fact, he's always wanted to protect Kawaki -- even when they fought and argued like siblings.

It walks back the father-son progress a lot and honestly, Naruto comes off ignorant and regressive. He even wonders if Boruto hating on how he's being watched -- so Momoshiki doesn't possess him -- is causing the kid to scheme again and be a bad influence over his 'brother,' which proves Naruto has no belief in the boy. As such, they bicker for a while over this bit before the clone disappears, which confirms to the sensory squad that Boruto's right.

That's a lot of time wasted when Naruto could have listened to his son and acted quickly, which is what a proper Hokage would do. Sadly, as he tries to ban the responsible and battle-smart Boruto from the field and leaves him out of the tactics meeting, Boruto speeds off.

He knows he can find Kawaki on his own with his mental connection, but again, he should have been working with his father on this in a responsible manner. It would've eventually created a path for Sasuke to join too, but alas, Boruto runs off blind. And sadly, as he lucks into finding a bruised and battered Kawaki, the manipulative Code is salivating as his powers are as strong as ever, waiting to break Boruto for killing Isshiki.

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