Boruto: Kara’s Agents Arrive In Konoha – With a SHOCKING Twist

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 195, "A Vase," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Boruto anime has smartly kept up a veil of mystery regarding the terrorist cell, Kara. Bit by bit more is revealed about the boss, Jigen, and his weapons, Code and Kawaki, but no one knows who they are, where they came from, or their true intentions -- much like Naruto's Akatsuki.

In Episode 195, things get even more interesting as a couple of Jigen's agents arrive outside Konoha to retrieve Kawaki -- and one of them has something up their sleeve.

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Naruto adopted Kawaki, hoping to protect him from being Jigen's pawn, but the sinister Koji Kashin arrives on Konoha's outskirts with Delta, one of Jigen's cyborg soldiers. Delta's accompanying as she thinks there's a spy in their camp, as seen with Victor and Deepa's insurgence that ultimately got Kawaki lost. However, Koji is apparently dedicated to the cause, having killed Victor and Ao for failing to get the boy back. Instead of delegating, Koji's decided to do the job himself, but there's a problem.

He senses a chakra barrier up around Konoha, now upgraded by Konoha's sensory team under Ino Yamanaka's lead. Her dad and Shikamaru's were part of this squad in the Kaguya War, and now with Ino in charge, making the barrier is perfect enough that no one can sneak in is a top priority. Konoha's already had scientific secrets stolen so Naruto's hoping this force field, which can identify and track the chakra of citizens and friends, will elevate their security.

It's basically a stop sign for the Kara operatives. They're not from the village, so if they jump through, the alerts will go off and Konoha's army will come for them. Naruto's even more suspicious of Kara now during this peacetime, so it's no surprise to Koji that the enemy is implementing extra measures.

But in the blink of an eye, Koji pierces the barrier and leaps down into Konoha with no problem at all, stunning Delta. She has no clue how he could do this as he's not a ninja from the Land of Fire -- he's a lackey Jigen had working with him for years so he should be "unregistered" and "unknown."

Thanks to her pride and ego, rather than celebrating his success, Delta's jealous, having wanted to go in and get Kawaki back herself. She didn't like being accused of being a traitor so this would've been the ideal way to prove herself innocent. But now she has no choice but to stay put as per Koji's orders, as he's the one who's infiltrated Konoha and is now heading for Kawaki. Koji's true past is as mysterious as ever, as he does seem to be hiding extra powers and secrets of his own.

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