Boruto: Deepa’s True Nature Is Even WORSE Than We Thought

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 174, "The Revival of the Divine Tree," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The terrorist Deepa was created exclusively for the Boruto anime. Even if he never appears in the manga, however, at least his story has been impactful in its brutality. With his impenetrable metal body, lightning-fast speed and mysterious projectiles, Deepa's quickly become a fan-favorite villain. The latest episode confirms his true nature and the reason he's working with Victor is way more sadistic than first thought.

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Deepa suggested a couple episodes ago he's desperate to eat the fruit of the God Tree Victor cooked up. This ties into Kara's overall plans in the manga where Jigen wants the ultimate fruit of power for his crew, so it appeared Deepa's intentions are steeped in a lust for power. However, when Boruto and Sarada confront him again, he reveals there's more to his greed.

As the God Tree starts taking humans at Victor's lab to deplete their chakra, Konohamaru fights the medical chief, while Boruto and Sarada square up against Deepa. He almost killed them in their last fight, leaving Mitsuki on the brink of death. As Boruto taunts him about his selfish nature, Deepa throws him for a loop.

He confesses he's a cannibal, similar to Shojoji, who really isn't hungry for an upgrade. He just wants to eat the fruit as he wants to savor various textures and flavors during his time on Earth, which means he'll be devouring people's essences. This is why he often leaves opponents beaten, not dead, as he wants them to return stronger with better flavor.

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Now he can feast on the Konoha "brats" and their ambitions -- their drive to win makes them taste sweeter. This is why he left Shikadai's team and the Hidden Sand shinobi alive --  because kids need more time to improve their flavor in his eyes. If they're driven by hate and anger, all the better for Deepa's taste. This is why he breaks ranks with Kara, traveling the world as a rogue.

Deepa licks his lips as he eyes Sarada with her Sharingan and an upgraded Boruto. Deepa loves suffering, death and destruction in the same way as Heath Ledger's Joker, with the appetite of Hannibal Lecter to boot. Boruto and Sarada will be facing the ultimate test to avoid becoming his next meal.

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