Bleach: Ishida Uryu’s Zodiac Sign & How It Defines the Quincy Hero

Bleach is a hit shonen action series that once belonged to shonen's big three, and it's all because of not just the series' excellent combat system but also its compelling leads, such as Ichigo's good friend Ishida Uryu. Uryu appeared in the anime's first season, and he soon became a fan favorite.

Unlike Ichigo, a substitute Soul Reaper, Ishida Uryu belongs to the Quincy tribe, or spiritually aware Hollow hunters. Uryu's backstory is a rough one, but he overcame his personal challenges to become a loyal and lovable hero and an ally to Ichigo. His cool, calculating personality can also be described according to his astrological sign and the planets that govern it.

Scorpio, The Astrological Sign Of The Scorpion

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Ishida Uryu was born on November 6th, meaning he was born under Scorpio, the most intense and focused of the three water signs in astrological lore. Unlike the warm and empathetic Cancer or the mystical Pisces, Scorpio is all about ambition, focus, determination and drive, making it remarkably similar to the fire signs. True to its name, the sign is represented by a scorpion -- a small but deadly creature that can "sting" any problem put before it with astonishing tenacity and cunning. In a way, Scorpios are almost like the assassins of the twelve signs, focusing intently on a single problem or goal and dispatching it with their concentrated efforts. Unlike easygoing Tauruses or whimsical Geminis, Scorpios know exactly what they want and are fiercely driven to get it.

Scorpios are not cruel, however. They may be intense, but they are also curious and flexible in their mindset, and as water signs, they tend to think with their hearts and emotions in everyday life. They aren't the "cold logic" sign of the zodiac by any means, but then again, Scorpios are noted for their secretive nature. Scorpios, like Cancers, only slowly allow people into their lives, and they are choosey about who they associate with. In general, Scorpios have an aura of mystery about them, as they aren't nearly as open as signs like Sagittarius or Leo. This ties into the Scorpio sign's theme of concentration and purpose -- a Scorpio won't make a bunch of casual friends just because. They're more deliberate than that.

The most positive aspects of the Scorpio sign include natural curiosity, fondness of travel, awareness of other people's feelings and often pushing themselves to strive for excellence. Mediocrity is not what a Scorpio wants for themselves or their associates. Scorpios also enjoy life greatly and may pursue many interests, but in a more deliberate fashion than Sagittariuses or Geminis. Scorpios may be inquisitive in a variety of topics, but they don't easily lose sight of what they want.

Ishida Uryu As A Scorpio In Bleach

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In many ways, Ishida Uryu embodies his natural astrological sign, although his intense emotions are a bit more like those of an Aries or Leo at times, and he also has some Virgo traits to him where schoolwork and studying are concerned. In his boyhood, as a true Scorpio, Uryu eagerly learned the ways of the Quincy tribe from his grandfather Soken, and Uryu knew exactly what he wanted: to become a powerful Quincy his grandfather could be proud of. However, Uryu grew bitter when Soken died at the hands of Captain Kurotsuchi, and he came to hate the Soul Reapers. He was also at odds with his father, who saw no point in fighting as a Quincy archer. Nonetheless, Uryu stubbornly clung to his goals as a Scorpio and continued practicing for the day he could get revenge.

Uryu proved himself a patient and calculating young hero, true to his sign, and he tried to "sting" Ichigo when he challenged the latter to a Hollow hunting contest in Bleach's first season. Despite their odds, the two boys fought together when a massive Menos Grande arrived, and when Rukia was captured, Uryu volunteered to help rescue her. Uryu proved himself a smart, reliable and calculating ally during the "Soul Society" arc, and an empathic and wise one too, true to his sign. He only fought when cornered, such as when he battled Captain Kurotsuchi. As an empathetic Scorpio, Uryu made an exception for Kurotsuchi Nemu, forming a minor friendship with her.

Uryu fought again in the "Hueco Mundo" story arc as a patient, calculating and empathetic Scorpio hero, and then the "Thousand Year Blood War" arc arrived. Uryu was the ultimate Bleach Scorpio in this storyline, craftily joining the Quincy Empire solely so he could tear it down from within and get revenge for his mother's death. He even became king Yhwach's successor, but it was all a trap, and Uryu "stung" Yhwach during the final fight, allowing Ichigo to finish the job.

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