Black Clover: Will Asta Finally Learn Who His Mom Is?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 328, by Yūki Tabata, available in English from Viz Media.

For most of Black Clover, Asta's mother Licita has remained a mystery to the boy, because she left him at the Hage Village church when he was a baby. He grew up healthy, but it nevertheless would have been nice if he'd gotten to know his mom, at least a little. However, that gap in Asta's knowledge might be filled in the near future.

Chapter 328 of the manga, "Always," puts a good amount of focus on Licita. For how much she's emphasized, it wouldn't be surprising if Asta finally found out about her. Here's a look at what happened, how it could lead to Asta learning the truth, and what it could mean for the future of Black Clover.

black clover licita and liebe

In actuality, the primary focus of this chapter was the finale of the long battle between Asta and Liebe and Lucifero. With only seconds of their Devil Union left, Asta and Liebe had to finish off this ruler of the underworld quickly. In classic shonen fashion, such an epic climax caused the characters to think about everything that led to it.

In this case, Liebe apparently flashed back to his time with Licita. As the two watch the sunset over Hage's demon skeleton, Licita tells the young demon about how she had to leave her son lest her ability drains him of his life. She insists that despite failing Asta as a mom, she will always love him.

It's possible that Asta can see Liebe's memories of Licita since they're sharing a body through Devil Union. If this is the case, then he might be able to tell who she is either from the context clues or the uncanny resemblance to himself. Even if Asta can't see these memories, Liebe will have to share what he knows eventually.

Lucifero was also able to pick up on the connection through different means. In his case, he recognized the look in Asta's eyes; to him, it was like that of Licita, whom he is responsible for killing. He almost commented on this out loud, saying "that blasted, worthless woman. The one who got in my way. She's your-!!!" However, Asta cut him off with the business end of his Demon-Slasher Katana.

It's likely that Asta and Liebe heard what Lucifero was trying to say. They responded to his line by saying "you're the one who's worthless," which means they were definitely listening to him. While the word "mother" never left the demon lord's mouth, either Asta or Liebe could easily fill in the blank.

While learning about his mother won't necessarily affect him, Asta should at least have his curiosity piqued by the opportunity. Assuming Asta does, in fact, find out about Licita, it could change a lot about his dynamic with Liebe.  It could further strengthen the bond between the two boys; they're already good friends, but realizing that they shared a mother could cause them to grow as close as siblings, closer than even Asta and Yuno. It might even lead the two of them to find a more refined form of Devil Union; if Black Clover really does continue after this arc, they'll probably need it. In any case, Asta figuring out the truth can only benefit the story.

Whether Asta found out about his mother or not in this chapter, the door has been left open. Should he end up walking through it, it gives both him and Liebe a good chance to develop as both characters and as siblings. As long as the two of them remain connected, the topic will have to come up sooner or later. Everyone deserves to know about their mother, especially anime protagonists; it worked out for Naruto, so it should definitely do wonders for Asta.

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