Black Clover: Why the Curse of Megicula Is Such a Deadly Threat

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Black Clover Season 3, available to stream now.

With Asta and the Clover Kingdom having defeated the Elves earlier in the season, The Curse of Megicula has now come to the forefront of Black CloverHere's everything we know about it so far.

The Curse of Megicula is a death curse fatal to both those directly affected by it and those who speak of it, causing them to die within a year of being cursed. Although this has yet to be proven, it may be an unbreakable curse that's beyond even Asta's anti-magic, which has historically been able to undo magical ailments of a similar nature.

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After his demon form is exposed, the Magic Parliament passed a death sentence on Asta. The Black Bulls and Julius Novachrono succeed in keeping Asta from being executed, and the young hero embarks on a quest to find out more about demons. In episode 127, Asta, Gauche and Grey visit Gordon Agrippa's family home in hopes of learning more about devils and Curse Magic. That's where they first hear about Megcula.

According to Gordon's grandmother, the Agrippa family -- who made cursing people their trade until Gordon's father started using his knowledge for healing -- had some sort of contract with Megicula for centuries. Nathan then shows the Bulls a curse map that leads them to the Heart Kingdom.

Asta, Mimosa, Noelle and Finral get permission to visit the Heart Kingdom and meet Loropechika, the Heart Queen. She tells them that she has been sentenced to die within a year by the Curse of Megicula. Megicula itself is dwelling in the Spade Kingdom, using the country's citizens for power while planning a full-scale invasion. She asks for the Bull's help to defeat Megicula before her year is up and it invades all of the surrounding Kingdoms.

The only problem is that Megicula is extremely powerful. Zagred, the devil behind the Elven/human massacre and all of the Elven possession spells, was only defeated by all of the Magic Knights working together, as well as assistance from the first Wizard King. According to Loropechika, Megicula is much stronger than Zagred, and it is only becoming stronger by drawing power from the Spade Kingdom's citizens.

With the threat of invasion looming, the Black Bulls are all training to become as strong as Vice Captains within six months to stand a chance at defeating Megicula. Asta's main priority is becoming strong enough to defeat Megicula, proving his innocence, saving the Clover Kingdom and lifting the curse on the Heart Queen's life. Still, Megicula is definitely not going to make things easy.

New episodes of Black Clover air in Japan on Tuesdays.