Black Clover Reveals How Magna’s Game-Changing New Spell Works

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 292, “Knowing,” by Yuki Tabata, Taylor Engel and Annaliese "Ace" Christman, available now in English from Viz Media.

The commonly-used shonen concept of “surpassing your limits” is just as common among Black Clover's Black Bulls. But Magna takes this a step further in Chapter #292 of the manga, “Knowing.” Instead of committing to a rigorous physical training regimen, Magna hit the books, and, as the chapter reveals, with the help of Zora he uncovered the hidden benefits of runes.

At first, it was assumed that only high-leveled mages in the series could utilize runes to conjure powerful arrays, but after a lot of research, Zora helped Magna understand how “peasants” could manifest their own unique runes to create powerful spells -- not an easy process, but a worthwhile one.

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Let's look at why this new development is such a big deal for the Black Bulls as a whole, not just Magna, and why it’s not just simply a power-up.

It was quickly skimmed through in the manga but essentially, Magna’s magical development has elevated his overall proficiency as a Magical Knight. Instead of the traditional shonen trope of mindlessly training for months, Magna went back to the roots of magic to understand how to compile runes to create arrays that take advantage of his strengths using natural mana. By utilizing natural mana through runes, and creating an array to amplify his own magic, Magna was able to create a unique spell, tailored to his grit.

Zora and Magna are both able to create their own arrays with runes that utilize the enemy’s magic against them. This could be a specific theme that only relates to “peasants” in Black Clover and it actually makes sense given the situations that both Black Bull members have been involved in: Zora was able to set a counter trap that absorbed and sent back the magical power of higher-ranking foes, and now, Magna has similarly created a spell that splits his and Dante's strength (the leader of the Dark Triad), to level the playing field.

The idea of “peasants” having the ability to fight back against the higher-ups is what the Black Bulls are all about. They're the underdogs that constantly get ridiculed but ultimately prove to be a real threat against the devils.

The interesting advantage is that Magna and Zora’s rune magic is so weak, it can linger for a long time without being detected. This allows them to create spells in advance and set them as traps, or use them without being detected, as Magna did with Dante when he first linked his Secret Flame Magic: Soul Chain Death Match.

In the heat of battle, creating effective arrays with runes may seem very difficult, but clearly, even “peasants” have the ability to create undetectable complicated spells that can give them an advantage. It is still unclear on the number of spells that can be created and saved by Magna and Zora as of yet, so their best bet is to lead with their most powerful spell.

With all the attention on Dante and Magna at the moment in the Black Clover manga, Zora is being overlooked. Jack is astonished by Magna’s spell, but Zora makes it clear that they must not interfere since it could affect Magna’s spell. Even if that is the case, Zora must have a backup plan waiting in case they need to escape. Seeing as Dante is the main villain, it’s hard to believe that Magna will actually defeat the leader of that Dark Triad, but anything is possible in the world of Black Cover. Zora might have a new spell lingering around that will give the Black Bulls an edge, while also giving himself time to escape with Jack and Magna.

Aside from all the magical advancement, Magna’s character development also shines in Chapter #292. Magna has developed from a knuckleheaded mage to a strategical (but still knuckleheaded) Magical Knight. This time around, Magna has a plan and must have devised a backup one with Zora. The situation may get dire, but it doesn’t feel like Magna’s life is really in danger.

In addition, his desire to not tread in Luck’s shadow is fueling his commitment to becoming a stronger mage. The two started off as equals, but currently, Luck has the upper hand when it comes to magic and technique. Magna has come a long way from just hitting fire baseballs, and his newly adapted Secret Flame Magic: Soul Chain Death Match fits his character perfectly.

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