Beastars: Netflix Drops First Piece of Season 2 Key Art

Netflix has released the first piece of Beastars Season 2 key art, featuring a snarling main cast along with a smiling Pina and Haru.

"Someone in the Cherryton Academy drama club has a secret," Netflix shared. The high-tension art features Legosi showing off his scarred eye through broken glass, and a snarl; a growling Gouhin; a tense and frowning Louis; Dolph and Ibuki of the Shishigumi (along with a wide shot of the members of the Shishigumi); Pina with a knowing smile; and Haru flanked by flowers.

With art and story by Paru Itagaki, Beastars began its original manga run in 2016. It has sold more than 1.3 million print copies as of 2018. The series name is derived from the important in-story role of the Beastar.

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The story takes place in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals struggling to live civilly despite the carnivores' natural urge to eat herbivores. Set in Cherryton Academy, Beastars revolves around Legosi, a wolf who falls in love with Haru, a rabbit, and his conflicting desires.

The anime debuted in Japan in October 2019, and it was released to American viewers via Netflix a few months later in March. The second season will release in 2021.

Source: Twitter

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