Ayashimon: [SPOILER]’s Heroic Choice Leads to Tragic Consequences

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Ayashimon Chapter 10, "He Did Not" by Yuji Kaku, Adrienne Beck and Brandon Bovia, available in English via Viz Media.

Ayashimon Chapter 10 opens on a memory of Urara being incarnated into her human body. However, her father is not there to celebrate the occasion. Instead Hashihime is the one to greet her, explaining that Chairman Kioh is an important figure, meaning he needed to be careful about revealing Urara's presence. Despite this, Hashihime repeatedly promises the young girl that her father will come for her one day. In the meantime, Urara had passed the days reading on how the seedy underworld works so she wouldn't be an embarrassment once he did come for her.

In the present day, Urara jumps off the roof of the building so she can grab the captive Hashihime before escaping from Chairman Doppo. The young Yakuza leader is conflicted, however. She swore to herself that she wouldn't get attached to anyone after her father's death, yet she feels the need to take Hashihime, Ten and Maruo with her. Inside the car, Hashihime breaks her bonds and they're ready to make their big escape.

Urara remembers her childhood

Unfortunately, Chairman Doppo is right behind them and launches a powerful freezing-blast down at them, knocking Urara away from the car and hitting Hashihime. Ten is terrified at the power Doppo displays, especially since he hasn't even put on his mask.

The Chairman calls Urara an impediment on the underworld and yokai before revealing his mask, saying it's better for her to die. Before he can put it on, one of his underlings warns that the Onmyo Bureau will come -- but Doppo doesn't care if his actions cause a war.

Urara thinks back to when Hashihime gave her the blade with her true power as she looks on at her injured friends. She takes a single step forward, but Hashihime rises and pummels Doppo into the ground. She urges Urara to take the others and escape as Doppo blasts her with a powerful attack, saying she's picked the wrong side. He says Chairman Kioh abandoned Urara, but Hashihime denies this, repeating her promise to Urara over and over again. Urara remembers a time when Hashihime assured her that her father didn't abandon her, explaining he was worried for her safety and calling her Chairman Kioh's precious daughter.

Hashihime "dies" to Chairman Doppo

Urara calls out for Hashihime, but is only met with a response of, "A lady of importance has no business concerning herself over mere pawns." Once again, Hashihime tells Urara she is Kioh's daughter. Heartbroken, Urara turns and runs away as an enraged Doppo throws his own punch against Hashihime.

For a brief moment she and Maruo lock eyes, with Hashihime silently passing on her duties to him as Ayashimon continues. Doppo summons a barrage of ice chunks and plunges them into Hashihime, who falls to the ground as a pile of money.

The next chapter of Ayashimon will be available on Sunday, February 6th.

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