AoT, Yuri on Ice Studio Reveals First Trailer for Dance Dance Danseur Anime

Studio MAPPA dropped its first trailer for its all-new ballet anime, Dance Dance Danseur. 

The new trailer provides fans with an exclusive look into the upcoming anime by bringing to life many key moments from the Dance Dance Danseur manga. As a lilting piano melody plays, the trailer depicts main character Junpei Murao falling in love with ballet at various stages of his life due to the talented people around him before he takes up the art himself. Other supporting characters from the series, such as Miyako Godai, are also shown as they interact with Junpei and perfect their craft. The trailer closes with Junpei leaping towards the night sky as he expresses his desire to become a ballet dancer.

George Asakura's Dance Dance Danseur has won the hearts of ballet enthusiasts everywhere since the manga began its serialization in Shogakukan's seinen manga magazine Weekly Big Comic Spirits in September 2015. It tells the tale of Junpei Murao, whose life is forever changed when he sees a male ballet dancer take the stage during his sister's ballet recital. Inspired by the dancer's skill and passion, Junpei vows to become a ballet dancer himself and one day showcase his talent to an audience.

This dream is dashed, however, when his father passes away and Junpei decides to push aside ballet to take up more "masculine" interests like martial arts instead. Ballet is never too far from his mind though, and Junpei's passion for dance quickly reignites when Miyako Godai walks into his life when she invites him over to her mother's ballet studio. While 22 volumes of the manga have been released in Japanese, Dance Dance Danseur's manga has yet to receive an official English translation.

An anime adaptation of the Dance Dance Danseur manga produced by MAPPA (Attack on Titan, Yuri!! on Ice) was announced in April 2021, with Munehisa Sakai (Zombie Land Saga) serving as director and Hitomi Hasegawa (Attack on Titan) as character designer. Yoshimi Narita (I've Always Like You) is in charge of writing the series' scripts, while MICHURU is creating music for the show. The show has gone to great lengths to ensure that its representation of ballet is accurate, hiring Hajime Ohtani (Pretty Boy Detective Club) as its ballet technical director, and Tsuyoshi Kuwahara (Twittering Birds Never Fly: The Clouds Gather) and Atsushi Ogasawara (Tristia of the Deep-Blue Sea), who serve as the show's ballet animation directors.

Dance Dance Danseur's anime adaptation is scheduled to begin airing in April 2022, with Crunchyroll licensing the series for Western audiences.

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