Attack on Titan: The Scouts Found Their New Sniper

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 27, "Retrospective," now streaming on Funimation, Hulu and Crunchyroll.

The death of Sasha Braus hurt not only the fans but also her regiment, since she is one of the best snipers of the Survey Corps and Attack on Titan in general. The latest episode of the anime unveiled the Survey Corps' new ally to be as efficient as the late potato lover when it comes to sharpshooting. While she may not replace the group's beloved friends, her skills prove to be a great asset for the success of Hange's small resistance group.

Sasha proved her superior aiming skills multiple times. The most noteworthy of which was when she covered for the Survey Corps members during their raid on Liberio. Perhaps the biggest mistake she committed back then was not eliminating the young Gabi, who ended up being her murderer. Now, Gabi is taking on Sasha's role.


Even though Gabi was initially a loyal Marleyan supremacist, she turned over a new leaf after learning the truth about Paradis Island from Sasha's very own family. Eren's sinister plan solidified her resolve to fight and save her hometown. She owned up her mistakes and begged the furious Jean for his help to stop Eren. During Armin and Connie's attempt to trick Floch and the Jaegerists into peacefully giving them Azumiboto's flying boat, Floch took notice of their plan and declared them as traitors.

Floch ordered the destruction of the boat, which resulted in a bloodbath. After Connie murdered Daz and Samuel and no other Jaegerist could blow the ship, Floch took the matter to his own hand. However, Gabi was able to shoot him down, resulting in Floch's thunder spear barely missing the ship. While this impressive feat greatly helped the resistance, it wasn't just a lucky shot.

Even before the Survey Corps attacked Liberio, Gabi was already shown as a dependable warrior. In fact, she was able to singlehandedly take out an armored train during her debut. Floch was also not the first victim of Gabi's sharpshooting. As most fans know and hate, Gabi took Sasha's life with a single shot. She was also able to snipe Eren, resulting in the latter's beheading, as they attempt to prevent the brothers from making contact.

Gabi taking up Sasha's role is also not an unprecedented event. Sasha's most epic moment was when she saved the young Kaya from a Titan with only a wooden bow and arrows. She bravely jumped into the Titan's head and sunk an arrow into its eye, giving them a window to escape. During Zeke's mass Titanification, Kaya found herself in a similar situation. That time, however, it wasn't her big sister Sasha who saved her. It was Gabi, who she briefly saw as Sasha. That brief moment of resemblance may have been a foreshadowing of the young girl assuming her victim's role.

Gabi may have been -- and probably still is -- one of the most hated characters in Attack on Titan, but she has been redeeming herself bit by bit in the latest episodes of the anime. With her covering the members of the resistance from a good distance, the Eren-killing group may be able to move more freely, albeit only slightly.

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