Ashley Sienna Titles Her Latest Pop Anthem “My Phone Died”

Ashley Sienna takes us on an euphoric pop journey with her latest release, the single “My Phone Died.” The Canadian 17 year old is proving her talent and ambition yet another time after having released ”When I’m Single,” a month ago. Sienna has also announced that she is about to release the full EP, Out Of My Head, her debut EP, from which the songs “My Phone Died” and “When I’m Single” were presented as teasers for the record. 

Ashley wrote her first song at the early age of 11 years old, “Forget About Your Fears,” and since then has written many new original songs, using the piano and the guitar as the main accompanying instruments in her music. 

Everything she does musically results in wonderful feel-good songs blending pop with multiple genres including electronic sounds that make her music so contemporary, catchy, and fun to listen to.