Arifureta Season 1’s Biggest Unanswered Questions

Since the series first aired two years ago, Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest has received mixed reviews. The anime falls into the harem and isekai genres, and is based on a light novel beloved by many fans. However, some felt underwhelmed and even disappointed by how the series' monsters were adapted to screen using CGI designs.

Furthermore, viewers argued Hajime Nagumo's transformation from a kind-but-useless boy to a coldhearted killer occurred too quickly -- largely in the span of the first episode -- so they had too little time to invest in the protagonist's growth. Despite the major criticisms, fans are hopeful that the upcoming Season 2 will redeem the first. It could start by answering these big questions.

Will Myu be reunited with her mother?

Myu from Arifureta looking up at Hajime

In Season 1 Episode 11, Hajime and Shea encounter a merfolk toddler abandoned in the sewers named Myu. She is immediately re-kidnapped after Hajime and Shea drop her off at the city guard headquarters. The main cast eventually saves her from a group of slave traders trafficking monster children.

The episode ends with Myu wanting to call Hajime "Papa" instead of "Big Brother." Despite his initial protests, Hajime becomes very protective of her and refers to her as his daughter. She is essentially adopted into the "family," joining Yue, Shea Haulia and Tori. Eventually, Myu reveals to Shea that she was separated from her mother. So, where is her mother? Will she be reunited with her in the next season, or will she continue travelling with her found family?

Will Yue's jealousy get the best of her?

Anime Arifureta Yue Magic

Also in Episode 11, Yue grabs lunch with Tio Klarus, getting to know her while Shea and Hajime are out on a date. While they chat, Tio toys with the idea that Shea wants to steal Hajime away from Yue. Yue then calmly explains that she wants Hajime to be surrounded by people who love him. Shea may have feelings for Hajime, but Yue knows that they have a special bond.

This is further proven in the final episode of the season when Hajime rejects Kaori Shirasaki because of his feelings for Yue. Despite this, remaining around so many women who love him may tempt Hajime to fall from grace. With Kaori as the newest addition and the only other woman to openly challenge her, will Yue strengthen the bond she has with Hajime, or will it break under pressure?

How will Kaori adjust to the new Hajime?

Kaori Shirasaki

After being separated in the very beginning of the season, Hajime and Kaori are finally reunited in Episode 12. She is shown to have cared deeply for him in their former lives. Hajime, too, thought about her when he would think about his past. She immediately recognizes the new Hajime as soon as she lays eyes on him, and is thankful to the point of tears when they finally reconnect.

By the end of the episode, she confesses her love to him and asks to join them in order to be with him. He rejects her, saying he has feelings for Yue and cannot reciprocate. Despite this, Kaori is determined to stay by Hajime's side. She challenges Yue to prove who loves Hajime the most, and Yue willfully accepts. Tio notably points out that she is excited to see how this new dynamic plays out, and surely the viewers feel the same way.

Who will Hajime ultimately end up with?

It is apparent that Yue still has Hajime's heart by the end of Season 1. Even the love of Kaori, a woman from his past, wasn't enough to bury his bond with Yue. For the most part, Tio and Shea have boundaries with Yue that they would never dare cross. Still, with Kaori being officially added to the group and challenging Yue, things could change. Perhaps, a new character could sweep Hajime off of his feet and out of Yue's hands.

Hajime's overpowered abilities may allow him to defeat monsters with ease, but they have nothing to do with navigating the complicated dynamic of his harem. Hopefully, viewers will get a clearer view, with improved animation and CGI, of the trajectory of the main cast's journey. In addition to the many questions introduced here, there may also be a chance that the series' next installment backtracks and provides a closer look at Hajime's former life to redevelop his character. Whichever route the creators take, Season 2, currently listed to be released in January 2022, is highly anticipated.

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