Anime Anatomy: 5 Weird Secrets About Melodias’ Body

Meliodas of The Seven Deadly Sins is undoubtedly one of the most powerful beings within the series. It might be hard to believe given his friendly nature and young appearance, but don't underestimate this blond-headed hero. While he may have a perverted sense of humor and friendly demeanor, he actually embodies the sin of Wrath. Once he rages, it's near impossible to stop him.

Originally bestowed with the Commandment of "Love" by his father the Demon King, he was a ruthless, vile person who reveled in violence -- a killing machine with no sense of morals or reason. This changed when he fell in love with the Goddess Elizabeth and was forced to watch her die and be reborn in an endless cycle for centuries. With his age in mind, let's see how the years have treated Meliodas and why his physical capabilities make him such a feared warrior.

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Meliodas Is Over 3,000 Years Old

Despite his child-like appearance, Meliodas is actually over 3,000 years old. After betraying his father and the Demon Clan, he and Elizabeth were both punished by their parents for their defiance. The Supreme Deity, Elizabeth's mother, cursed Meliodas with Immortality, while Elizabeth was cursed with Perpetual Reincarnation by the Demon King. This means that he's had to watch Elizabeth die over and over again. What's worse, her memories were always reset each time she was reborn, so she would never remember who he was. But he would always find and watch over her, doing what he could to protect her.

Melodias Can Reflect And Enhance Magic Attacks

Not only can he reflect magical attacks, when he does, but they're also reflected at a higher power than they were originally launched at. Called "Full Counter," it has been referred to as a "cheap imitation of Chandler's technique" by the Demon King. However, it does have weaknesses. Meliodas has to wait for an attack, and it can't reflect physical, indirect, or continuous attacks -- nor can it reflect attacks if Meliodas doesn't understand the timing or the nature of the attack. However, he tries to counter this by creating clones of himself, each of which can separate from the original Meliodas. He can also use this ability to disperse the attack used against him.

Melodias Has An Assault Mode

When activated, Meliodas draws on his demon powers to achieve peak strength. He loses all ability to feel emotions, reverting his personality to what it was before he betrayed the Demon Clan. He's able to use all of his demon powers without hindrance, making him a fearful foe to anyone facing him. Each time he uses his demon powers, he becomes stronger and his power level increases. When in Assault Mode, he's surrounded by darkness that wraps around his shoulders and legs, forming talons around his feet. He can only achieve this mode when at his full power, so it isn't until Merlin restores his full abilities that he's able to use it.

Melodias Is Also Great With a Sword


Not only does he have demon powers but he's pretty handy with a sword as well. From a giant broad sword to his Sacred Treasure Lostvayne, he's shown to be competent with a variety of blades. Lostvayne, in particular, is a powerful weapon. When paired with Meliodas' Full Counter ability, it makes his attacks and counter-attacks even more devastating. He can also use Lostvayne to create clones of himself. The first clone has half of the power of the original, then the power is evenly distributed to each clone created after that. If he creates five clones of himself, each one has 10 percent of the power of the original Meliodas.

Melodias Can Control Hellfire

Known as Hellblaze, this is a powerful technique used by the Demon Clan. It allows the user to utilize the Demon King's Purgatory Fire to attack opponents. It's a purple and black flame that can prevent regeneration of any kind, and it cannot be extinguished. It can also be imbued onto weapons. When Meliodas uses the technique, he pushes his powers to their limits, surrounding the blade of his sword in the Hellblaze before bringing it down in a single, devastating attack called Kami Chigiri, or "Divine Thousand Slashes." As the blade comes down, it hurls the fire towards the enemy, cutting them a thousand times in seconds.

Had he not fallen in love with Elizabeth, Meliodas probably would have gone on to conquer the world. Luckily for the other races, that never happened. That doesn't mean he should be underestimated though. Even though he looks like a child, he is far from a weak little kid. Not only could he cut you down in an instant, but he could also do it with fire that you could never put out and that would prevent regeneration. Luckily for everyone, he settled down with Elizabeth and had a kid; mellowing out and probably no longer being a threat.

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