All of High-Rise Invasion’s Alliances, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of High-Rise Invasion, now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix's High-Rise Invasion is a series that fully tests the loyalty of those trapped in its bizarre skyscraper world. With superpowered masks, or "angels," hunting people down and forcing them to kill themselves, it's clear from early on that factions need to be formed, especially as these killers come from various disciplines.

All the while, mysterious architects of the system try to find out who's the fittest and strongest of them all during Season 1. With that in mind, let's break down the alliances that formed and how they fared.

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Yuri's Alliance

Yuri's the protagonist of the series, but it takes her some time to build her army. She helps save Mayuko, who's trying to rebel and kill the angels by herself, and they form a bond with hints of something romantic behind it. Mayuko even gets a special mask later on that grants her the super-soldier abilities of the angels, while Yuri herself is helped out by Dealer, another mysterious mask working for some higher authority, so she can become super-powered too.

As for her alliance, Yuri befriends Kuon, who controls the railgun on the high tower as well as Sniper. This particular mask tried to kill Yuri and Mayuko early on, but Yuri's attack broke Sniper out of their programming. But this fantastic four isn't alone, as they're joined by the old man, Tanabe, and the kid, Uzuki, who help them stay grounded as they try to get to the chopper to get out of this realm. They also have Aohara on their side, who can control masks one at a time.

Rika's Alliance

Rika is Yuri's brother, who spends most of the season trying to get to her. Unfortunately, the space between them is filled with killers, but he is helped via phone by Rikuya. Rikuya can control masks, a power Yuri later develops, and sends his agents to find Rika, hoping to recruit him into forming the ultimate coalition against the Architect. Unfortunately, Kusakabe, the mysterious police mask, finds Rika early on and tortures him to find out which girl has the power of the railgun.

Rika's alliance with Rikuya's team isn't as strong as Yuri's, as she seems to be the Chosen One, with a disproportionate amount of heavy-hitters on her side. But Rikuya knows the lay of the land much better as he's spent more time there, making him just as valuable.

Aikawa's Alliance

High Rise Invasion Aikawa

Kusakabe works under Aikawa, and together they've been putting masks on people like Sniper to create slave angels. His aim is to harness the railgun power for himself to become a god of the realm, thus ascending to the next level or even the real world. He's also got the special soldier known as the all-powerful Great Angel, who's lightning-fast, and able to deflect bullets, a skill he used to kill Aohara.

Aikawa didn't want Aohara making Yuri's team stronger, and so programmed the Great Angel to slaughter her other soldiers as well, including the katana-wielding Ein. Sadly, it backfired, and the Great Angel was reprogrammed by Yuri. But Aikawa still has more soldiers to pick from. Kusakabe, however, has been compromised, hearing her son Uzuki's voice and realizing that she's his mom -- which means Aikawa's team may eventually have a traitor in their midst. He's also put a mask on Rika and programmed him, raising the stakes even higher.

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