A Kaden Prequel Could Help DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s Future

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Netflix's DOTA: Dragon's Blood, now streaming on Netflix.

One of the most noticeable things about Netflix's DOTA: Dragon's Blood is that, with just eight episodes, it can't really detail the sprawling world that Davion, the Dragon Knight, and his squire, Bram, are entrenched in. There's so much background to the people they meet, from Princess Mirana and Marci to the Dark Moon Order in the Nightsilver woods to Fymryn and her elves from the Enclave.

There's such an expansive story behind how the land was broken by the moon goddess, Selemene, that never got a chance to truly shine. But if a prequel were to be made, it could dive into not just the background of the world, but also someone who's barely touched on in the series proper: Kaden, Davion's mentor.

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Early, on as Davion and the crew seek shelter at an inn, Davion looks on in reverence at an image of Kaden. To him, it's more than a painting -- Kaden is a symbol of what every Dragon Knight should aspire to. He tells Mirana about Kaden's mentorship and how he has slain dragons all over. Fans get a taste of Kaden's might later when he's found killing a giant drake outside his lair, using his special armor to full effect: he can fly by creating wind gusts and his armor also grants him teleportation abilities.

After slaying the drake and meeting Davion and company, we then discover Kaden's armor is also infused with chaos and wind magic from other dragons he killed, shaping him to be one of the most intriguing soldiers in the show. Not even Davion can hunt the elite great dragons down, so a series on Kaden going after these beasts would be an ideal way to show their power.

A separate show would leave more room to explore how Kaden powering up his arsenal, tutoring others -- including Davion -- and sharing insight into the war between man and dragons. DOTA: Dragon's Blood doesn't dive into the stewing hatred between the two sides that much but, as seen with Slyrak fusing with Davion, there's plenty that hints humans and dragons coexisted at one point.

Knowing Kaden's history -- why he's filled with rage and him forging his special blade at Dragonhold -- would also allow us to explore more hunts with dragons across the spectrum of elemental power.

In the finale, the fraternity of hunters claim Davion at the battle site when the Sage takes down Selemene. A prequel could give some much-needed backstory for these supporting characters, why Kaden considered them a family and how they embraced magic as a weapon. It'd help us understand these hunters really aren't the enemy as Kaden is painted to be -- they're just trying to survive in a monster-ridden world.

Ashley Edward Miller serves as showrunner and executive producer of DOTA: Dragon's Blood, with animation by MIR and Ryu Ki Hyun as co-executive producer. The eight episodes of Season 1 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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