A3! Introduces Autumn Actors in New PV! | Anime News | TOM Shop: Figures & Merch From Japan

Popular theater-themed anime A3! has released a new promo video for its upcoming Season Autumn arc!

Set to the Autumn Troupe's theme song, "oneXone", the video introduces the five members set to appear in the anime: Settsu Banri, Hyoudou Juza, Nanao Taichi, Fushimi Omi, and Furuichi Sakyou.

Character settings for the five have also been released.

A3! is based on the popular actor raising game in which the protagonist, Tachibana Izumi, becomes the new president of a once-renowned theater company. Her mission is to recruit handsome actors and produce stage plays in order to bring the theater back to its former glory.

A3! Season Autumn is slated to air from Oct. 13.


Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!