5 Spooky Anime for Vampire Fans

With spooky season officially underway, fans are looking for anime starring one of the most popular monsters of all -- vampires. As bloodsucking creatures who threaten humanity, these vampires lurk in the shadows and haunt your nightmares. Here are the five scariest vampire series to help any anime fan celebrate the upcoming Halloween.

Mars Red, Historical Vampire Anime Set in 1923 Japan

Mars Red

Mars Red is an historical anime series taking place in 1923, where vampires run rampant and uncover an artificial blood source called Ascra. To combat the growing number of vampires, the Japanese government forms a special task force called Code Zero to oppose the vampire forces. Used to collect information and solve the growing problem, Code Zero is actually comprised of vampires who side with the Japanese government. This complex and dark series stars Shutaro Kurusu, an incredibly strong vampire who has just joined Code Zero to help Japan. In this battle between humans and the overwhelming vampire population, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell friend from foe.

Devils' Line, a Vampire Romance/Police Thriller

As a vampire romance and police thriller, Devils' Line evokes a range of emotions in its viewers. Set in an alternative Japan where 0.01% are considered "Devils" with vampire characteristics, the civil unrest that occurs in the shadows is enough to scare even the loyalest of vampire fans. Starring a regular college girl named Tsukasa Taira and a half-Devil cop named Yuuki Anzai, the worlds of humans and Devils dangerously collide. With a dark and forbidden romance that's easy to root for, Devils' Line cleverly mixes romantic and scary tones for a chilling contrast. Meanwhile, Devils' Line's police action and unsolved mysteries will keep fans on the edge of their seats this Halloween season.

Seraph of the End, A Virus-Ridden World Where Vampires Take Over

In the haunting vampire anime Seraph of the End, a man-made virus kills the entire world population -- except for children under 13 years old. With the remaining population young and defenseless, vampires reemerge from the darkness to reclaim the world as their own. In a violent attempt to seize control, they force the human population to hide beneath the surface for their own safety. However, these children must donate blood to the menacing vampires in exchange for this protection. Seraph of the End stars Yūichirō, who vows to kill vampires and avenge his murdered family in a brutal and bloody war against the vampire overlords.

Castlevania, The Netflix Anime Inspired By the Hit Game Series

Castlevania's Dracula Holding Hand Out

When Count Vlad Dracula Tepes' wife is falsely accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake in Castlevania, Dracula declares war on all of Wallachia and vows to make its people suffer for her death. However, a hunter named Trevor Belmont is determined to stop Dracula's oppressive rule and free the people of Wallachia from fear and despair. While Dracula controls an army of monsters willing to do his bidding, the series' protagonists have a complex and uphill battle to defeat him and bring about peace. As an incredibly popular and highly successful horror and dark fantasy anime set in medieval times, Castlevania is a must-watch for any vampire fan.

Diabolik Lovers, A Dark & Unsettling Reverse-Harem Anime

Diabolik Lovers Cast

If you're looking for vampires and dark romance, it doesn't get much darker than Diabolik Lovers. When Yui moves into the Sakamaki brothers' mansion as a sacrificial bride, she's initially unaware of her role and the monsters she's living with. As a reverse-harem where Yui is the only girl living with them, the diabolical brothers all have their own unique and terrifying tendencies. The brothers view Yui as their property that they can treat however they want given her defenselessness, often sucking her blood and making advances against her will. Certain scenes in Diabolik Lovers are so sadistic and unsettling that some viewers worry that it promotes toxic romance and relationships.

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