5 Romance Webtoons For Those Who Love Shapeshifting Male Leads

Shapeshifting is a popular fantasy romance trope in all forms of media, including webtoons. While shapeshifting romance isn't for everyone, the subgenre has successfully attracted readers over and over again, as many readers wonder what it would be like to love someone who is both human and supernatural.

Whatsmore, the ability to shapeshift makes characters more intriguing and mysterious, adding to the level of suspense typically found in romance. The male leads in these five series, which are available to read on Webtoon, can transform between their human and creature form with ease -- much to the surprise and delight of both their love interests and readers alike.

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In SubZero, Kyro is the reincarnation of the Crimson Dragon and Clove is the reincarnation of the Azure Dragon. The Crimson and Azure Dragons are sworn enemies, waging war and fighting through their reincarnations for centuries. To end the cycle of bloodshed and misery, Clove agrees to marry Kyro to unite the two enemy clans.

Kyro can fully transform into the Crimson Dragon, which allows him to protect his kingdom. He can fly and breathe fire, easily intimidating his enemies. While he easily shifts between his human and dragon form, Clove cannot shift into her Azure Dragon form.

My Gently Raised Beast

Amon is a member of the Great Divine Leopard Clan in My Gently Raised Beast. He first runs into Blondina while in his young leopard form, which resembles a black cat with purple eyes and a purple diamond on his forehead. Blondina is a long-lost princess who finally returns to the castle to live with her father and half-siblings in the Ates Empire.

While her royal family is cold towards her, she finally finds happiness after meeting Amon. Although she first mistakes him for a cute cat, Amon quickly shows her his human form and explains his divine power. As Amon and Blondina's relationship deepens, they hope to achieve peace between humans and the Great Divine Leopard Clan they fear.

The Newlywed Diary of a Witch and a Dragon

 The Newlywed Diary of a Witch and a Dragon is a love story between a famous and powerful witch, Wendy Blanchett, and an infamous black dragon, Aiden Winters. Wendy is the head of the Rune Research Division in the Tower of Magic, which is one of the most difficult jobs in the world of magic. She is impressed by Aiden's aptitude for magic, despite him being a newcomer to the tower. The pair suddenly sleep together in the very first episode, quickly leading to an engagement.

Wendy soon discovers that Aiden's actually a rare black dragon, whose magical power is unrivaled among all creatures. Not only can Aiden shapeshift between human and dragon, but he can shift into the form of any and all creatures. When they first meet as children, Aiden's in the form of a black dog that Wendy grows attached to and names Winter. However, Aiden leaves her to go into hibernation to become an adult dragon, only reconnecting with Wendy when they're adults at the Tower of Magic.

Familiar Feelings

Familiar Feelings features both a vampire and werewolf love interest. Mars is a vampire with an attitude who can shift between his human and bat form. Meanwhile, Leo is a happy and social werewolf who can shift into a cute dog. They both meet Sunny, a witch who can't perform magic, while attending the Proud Orion Academy magic school. Mars and Leo agree to become Sunny's familiars and help her perform magic. In a strange turn of events, the three of them become roommates and share a small apartment.

Little Rain

Little Rain is a webtoon featuring angelic art and characters. Lisa first finds Rain in his cat form, a fluffy white cat with blue eyes. Thinking him a stray cat lost in the rain, she takes him home and names him Rain. While Lisa believes he's a regular cat, he's actually an angel who lost his memories and got stuck in a cat's body. As an angel, he understands everything Lisa tells him and wants to protect her from suspicious people that cause her trouble. The pair share a mysterious past because they're connected by fate.

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