5 Great Villainess Isekai To Read Right Now

The isekai villainess subgenre has been trendy these past years. Creators have been prolifically producing unique storylines in the category with strong appeal to readers worldwide. There are hundreds of titles on various Korean and Japanese sites, but sadly, not many of these are available English.

Fortunately, several comic sites and publishers have been steadily increasing their content for international readers. Here are five titles in the genre available in the United States worth checking out.

Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter

Originally an office lady in Japan, the main character dies in a car accident. Upon her death, she's immediately transported to the world of the Otome game she had been playing. What's worse is that she inhabits the villainess' body, Iris Lana Almeria, just as the crown prince punishes her. Having foresight of the story, Iris changes its direction and ends up in confinement as the acting fief lord under her father's orders. With her modern-day knowledge, Iris decides to improve the living situation of their fiefdom.

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Iris is an isekai villainess like no other. Instead of focusing on romance, her story revolves more around world-building. It gives the readers a close look at how society functions from an economic perspective. Iris tackles several important issues that mirror real-life situations, including education and livelihood for the poor. Readers who want a different take on the genre can try this out.

The first six volumes of Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter are now available from Seven Seas Entertainment.

Beware the Villainess

After suddenly dying in her first life as a college student, the female lead ends up in Melissa Foddebrat's body. She is the villainess in the novel All The Men That Loved Her, and is a duke's daughter. Knowing the entire story, the new Melissa takes it upon herself to help the heroine, Yuri, and get rid of the useless male leads. Along the way, she picks up a werewolf who ends up as her butler. While befriending Yuri, who seems more interested in Melissa than in any of the bachelors in the story.

Funny on all levels, Beware the Villainess is comedy gold. It faces every cliche head-on and handles it in a semi-realistic way that readers can relate. From telling off a playboy prince while refraining from bashing his head. To thinking of inappropriate thoughts while admiring a handsome butler. Melissa is the embodiment of the inner voice of readers. Those who are in the mood for something light and funny should read this series.

Beware the Villainess is available on Tapas.

Villainess in Love

The protagonist of this series is reincarnated as the character Yunifer Magnolia in the fantasy book Melting the Heart of the Moon. Her role was supposed to be the villain and third wheel between the two leads, Raelle and Ishid. But Yunifer, determined to save herself from her fated death, does everything to get away from them. All seems great until she ends up sleeping with the very man she desperately avoided. Now stuck in a relationship with him, Yunifer makes plans of her own to set them up while making sure she keeps her life.

This series is a mature take on the isekai villainess genre, though it never gets too explicit. Aside from all the magic, Yunifer is just a typical girl. She has normal problems and urges, which are hard to deal with, especially regarding the handsome male lead. Of course, her biggest problem is her impending doom. How she tries to avoid it while handling relationships is one of the enjoyable parts of the series, so this comes highly recommended for people who like romance stories.

Villainess in Love is available on Tapas.

What It Takes to be a Villainess

Accidentally drowning after experiencing heartbreak, Hwayoung wakes up as Satiana Altisee Kaylon. After realizing her situation and the nasty attitude of the original Satiana, she promises to live a happy life. The only problem is the bridal selection trial for the crown prince's wife. With no choice, she participates, despite the fact the other candidate is the prince's lover. Not wanting to mess up her new life, Satiana does her best to avoid trouble, but as the selection proceeds, the prince starts to notice her, and problems ensue.

What It Takes to be a Villainess is fun and entertaining. The challenges for the bride selection allow Satiana to show off her knowledge and grit. Readers are in for a ride as they see her thwart plots against her with her wits, while simultaneously scheming against her enemies as well. This series will keep you on your toes with mind games and intrigue.

What It Takes to be a Villainess is available on Tappytoon.

This Villainess Wants A Divorce!

Carnelia Easter lives in the novel she was reading in her past life. Knowing her demise should the story continue in its original direction, she plans to change her ending. Instead of being a villain and eventually getting killed by her husband, she plans to divorce him before everything goes wrong. Armed with this knowledge of future events, Carnelia does her best to cause as little trouble as possible. Her actions slowly deviate the story from its natural course, changing her and everyone else's lives in the process.

The plot isn't unique at all, but what's great about it is how the protagonist stealthily maneuvers her way towards her goal as the story unfolds. By becoming both spy and supporter, she keeps an eye on the prince and the empress. The two crucial figures that directly affect her life span. The Villainess Wants A Divorce! is exciting as it lets readers see how the hero and villain plan behind the scenes. It's sure to keep everyone on edge as the consequences of Carnelia's meddling becomes apparent, ultimately leading to an unknown future.

The Villainess Wants A Divorce! is available on Tapas.

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