Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yugi Would Make a PERFECT VTuber

Recently, Weekly Shonen Jump asked its readers which of the magazine's manga characters they'd be interested in seeing become VTubers. For those who might not be familiar with the term, VTubers are much like regular video game streamers, but with animated avatars rather than real people. With the vast number of characters that have graced the pages of Shonen Jump, there's plenty to pick from to fill this role. But one character would be leaps and bounds above the others as far as being the face of online gaming: the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yugi Muto.

Of course, Yugi would make a spectacular VTuber -- he's the King of Games. Not only does he live in a game shop that specializes in unusual games, which would probably make him supportive of indie games or other unusual ones, but in the manga, he goes on to design games himself. His streams would probably see him picking apart what works and what doesn't in a game, and how much fun you could have with it. Yugi would be the friendly type of streamer who would love to recommend a new interesting game to his followers.

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Yami Yugi On Yu Gi Oh

What would be particularly interesting is when Yami decides to step in for a not-so-friendly shadow game. Sure, in the dub their voices sound different, but in the original Japanese version, the main difference was that Yami speaks a little more sternly and formally than Yugi. For someone listening in, it would sound like the kid who was just here to play games and have fun suddenly went up a level in seriousness -- which could just be viewed as him getting in the zone. As with all shadow games, Yami's opponent themself wouldn't take the event seriously... until it was too late. At least the troll population would take a hit.

As for the games Yugi would play on his streams, it might be tempting to say Duel Links or other card-based games since Yu-Gi-Oh! is best known for the card game Duel Monsters. In the original manga, however, Yugi actually played all sorts of games, so he's not limited to just card ones -- unless someone like Kaiba made him sign a contract.

He's also shown he has a taste for the fantasy genre thanks to games like Monster World, Capsule Monsters and the first Virtual World, and both he and Yami are clearly fond of strategy games. Games like the Elder Scrolls series have that wandering RPG feel, and Endless Legend, which has fantasy and strategy rolled into one, would be perfect for Yugi. Meanwhile, creepier games like Darkest Dungeon would be a great fit for Ryo Bakura, creating the perfect opportunity for a guest spot.

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While it's easy to see Yugi playing these games, the sort of games he'd really love as a VTuber would probably be ones he could play with his friends. Given the choice, the majority of Yugi's streams would likely be him playing multiplayer games with his friends -- ones like Team Fortress 2 or Fall Guys would be absolute chaos. As would Among Us, already popular with both streamers and viewers. Now just imagine the cast of Yu-Gi-Oh! thrown into the mix. Don’t Starve Together would be another interesting one with similar themes of magic, shadows and games.

Ultimately, Yugi would probably be more into co-op games where he could help his friends, hang out and goof off. As a tight-knit group of friends out for a good time (and the occasional tasteful shadow game), they'd probably happily test any MMO or MOBA that comes out or is suggested in-chat.

Let's be real, though, we'd all love to watch the King of Games play any sort of game for our entertainment. Duel Monsters might be the flagship of Yu-Gi-Oh!, but Yugi and company would be able to make any game interesting -- the best talent a VTuber could have.

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