WWE 2K22 MyGM: Tips & Tricks for New Players

While WWE 2K22's highly requested MyGM mode may have initially disappointed fans, the most recent 1.09 update brought some surprising yet welcome reworks that make MyGM much more like the booking simulator it was meant to be. Not only can players now book tag-team matches but they also can book more matches in each show. While these changes might seem simple, they bring a level of new complexity to an already strategic game mode.

With many players giving MyGM a second chance after these updates, some may find themselves overwhelmed by the different mechanics that go into putting on a five-star show. While MyGM has a lot going on at first, it can become an incredibly challenging and enjoyable mode once players figure things out. Here are a few key details, tips and tricks that can help new GMs take their show to the top of the ratings and become the wrestling booker they've always wanted to be.

Draft a Varied Roster

The roster draft starts out every MyGM playthrough unless players let the game auto-draft their roster. While the auto-draft is good for newcomers, manually picking wrestlers for a show is key to really putting on the best show possible. It's incredibly important to keep an eye on the classes and alignment of the wrestlers being drafted since they go a long way toward increasing a match's star rating. While popularity is also a huge factor, popular wrestlers are more expensive.

Generally, picking two or three high-popularity wrestlers is the best cost-effective strategy. Though it's important to have popular wrestlers that can put on good matches, focusing just on popularity will quickly drain a player's starting funds. Remember that it's relatively easy to build the popularity of cheaper wrestlers, especially since the right combination of wrestlers can help cover for a lower popularity rank. Try to draft low-popularity wrestlers who have compatible classes.

There are five classes in MyGM: Giants, Cruiserweights, Bruisers, Fighters, and Specialists. Cruiserweights pair well with giants, bruisers pair with fighters, and specialists work well with any wrestler class. While specialists are incredibly valuable, it's important to also draft the other classes to ensure a balanced roster. While it's possible to put on a good match with a low-popularity wrestler, when it comes to mismatched classes or matching alignments, try to only have one of these factors in play.

Rivalries Are Key

Even if a player sets up a match with compatible classes, different alignments, and their most popular wrestlers, there's a good chance the resulting match won't actually be too highly rated. That's because rivalries are essential to increasing a match's rating. Rivalries can naturally be created after a match or after a call-out promo. Once a rivalry starts, players will want to progress the feud up from level one by putting the two wrestlers in more matches or call-out promos.

Rivalries can progress through four ranks, each providing exponential boosts to a match's quality. Keep an eye on the rivalry's rank, as once it reaches level four it will automatically end after the two wrestlers have a match. Rivalries tend to work best if they end at big pay-per-view events and are even better if they're made title matches. While rivalries are incredibly important, they won't make up for two low-popularity wrestlers with incompatible styles.

Start & End Shows With a Bang

WWE 2K22 puts a lot of emphasis on having a show's opener and the main event be the highest-rated matches on the card. Ensuring that matches flow properly is certainly important, but actually getting a match's rating high can be a bit tricky. Hot rivalries, title matches, gimmick matches, and matches featuring popular wrestlers typically work well as main events and show openers. Even then, a mid-card match might get a surprisingly high rating for unknown reasons.

In the event that a mid-card match outranks an opening match or the main event, it's always a smart idea to check the social media feed and the match report. The social media feed appears when players get an overview of their show for the week. The match report includes a detailed play-by-play breakdown of the match, which can sometimes include key information that'll let players know why a particular match earned such a high rating.

Use All of The Resources Available

MyGM gives players many useful tools that can help them rise through the ranks and dominate the rival brand. A lot of these resources might seem optional, but they can often be the difference between success and failure. Things like Power Cards, Free Agents, Legends, and Show Logistics are all incredibly important aspects of the mode that should be utilized in any successful playthrough. Given that the AI opponent will use these extensively, the player is expected to as well.

Legends and Free Agents can be recruited at any time while booking a show and can become permanent members of the roster if they're treated well. Show Logistics include new arenas, higher-quality effects, and better backstage crews that'll increase a show's quality. Power Cards are unique effects that players can earn by completing optional Commissioner Goals or by buying them in a shop. All of these serve as great side investments for a GM looking to get the upper hand.

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