World Trigger: Everything to Remember Before Season 3 Begins

While World Trigger’s popularity may not be on par with shonen megahits like Demon Slayer, it is a series famous for its fleshed-out plot and relentless set-ups, although this means that even devoted fans might have a hard time remembering all the details for the upcoming season. But, with the next season on the horizon, here are the most important plot points related to the upcoming Season 3 so you won’t miss a beat after the half-year break from Season 2.

The most recent arc's B-rank ranking battle is the longest arc in the entire World Trigger series so far. In the anime, it spans from the end of Season 1 all the way to the upcoming season. If Season 2’s pacing is anything to go by, Season 3 should be able to conclude the entire arc. Incidentally, World Trigger’s creator, Daisuke Ashihara, took a two-year break right after Chapter 164. In the anime, this is just a few chapters past the end of Season 2.

The whole point of Season 2 was to show how the result of the B-rank ranking battle is a life-or-death situation for our protagonists, Tamakoma Second. The Neighborhood Expedition is directly related to Kuga Yuma’s wellbeing, since his real body is on life-support on a Neighborhood planet. The team must also try to find Yuma’s AI companion, Replica, after it sacrificed itself during the Aftokrator Invasion arc. Additionally, Aftokrator agent/Border captive Hyuse only agreed to help Tamakoma Second so he could get back to his home planet, so the team must fulfill their promise to Hyuse or risk him turning on Border.

Tamakoma Second must place within the Top 2 of the B-rank for them to be guaranteed a spot on the expedition. Currently, Tamakoma is at Number 4, which is in the middle of the upper-tier within B-rank, meaning they still have quite a few hurdles to cross before reaching their goal.

The next battle will be Round 7, the second to last round before the ranking battles conclude. Tamakoma Second not only has to earn enough points to ascend in ranking, but must prevent the other teams from earning enough points to knock them off the leaderboard. The next round is especially tough because they will face the current Number 2 Kageura Squad -- Suzunari First, which has the Number 4 attacker in Border, Kou Murakami; and Azuma Squad, whose team leader, Haruaki Azuma, is the most experienced sniper in Border.

The most exciting aspect of Round 7 is that it will be Hyuse's debut as a Border agent. While Hyuse fought several Border agents after he became a B-ranker, he hasn’t participated in a real team battle yet, but given his strategic experience and the raw skills he displayed at the end of Season 2, he should do better than fine.

As emphasized many times before in Season 2, at this point Tamakoma Second cannot win without Hyuse’ firepower because two of their three agents, Osamu and Chika, are not strong enough fighters to take on experienced opponents. Despite this, they’ve already become the target of every other team due to the potential nuisance the pair may cause when they stay on the field for too long.

Since Yuma’s best strength is his agility, not his defense, Hyuse needs to simultaneously be an attacker and a protector. Hyuse’s Aftokrator trigger, Lampyris, can easily pull this off due to its immense power and flexibility, but now that Hyuse has to settle for using regular Border triggers, this might be a tougher job. The combination of weapons Hyuse chooses for the next battle will be crucial to his success.

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