Woman Says She Was Injected With Unknown Substance at Nottingham Nightclub

After multiple reports of random needle attacks in a number of Nottingham nightclubs, the city's police are investigating.

Zara Owen, a student at the University of Nottingham, discovered that she had a pin prick in her leg after a night out at PRYZM nightclub in Nottingham on October 10th. Owen, 19, says she experienced pain in her leg before she found a small dot. 

According to a report by the BBC, Owen recalls going to PRYZM with her friends and ordering a drink at the bar. She didn't drink much that night—and never blacks out from drinking—but she did on the night in question, she said. Owen doesn't have any other memory of that evening.

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Woman Says She Was Injected With Unknown Substance at Nottingham Nightclub

Police are investigating the alleged needle attacks, which reportedly caused multiple women to lose consciousness.

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"I'm genuinely really scared. It's one of those things that you hear about but never really happen," she told the BBC. "It makes you question yourself. Why me and how?"

Ellie Simpson said that her sister also believes she was pricked by a needle and injected with an unknown substance on the back of her arm. She reportedly lost consciousness and was taken to a hospital.

The event frightened Simpson's sister so much that she hasn't been out clubbing since the event occurred. 

"Normally she's the type of person that would stick up for herself, so I think if it could happen to her it could happen to somebody who is more vulnerable," Simpson told BBC

The Nottingham police are aware of and investigating multiple incidents of people being "spiked physically." They don't believe the incidents are targeted.