WinWel – Sometimes It Feels Good To Be Sad

Having recently opened for Fox Stevenson, as well as an official remix of Flux Pavilion’s “Endless Fantasy,” Dutch DJ/producer WinWel marks his first release of 2022, with his intimate, future pop song “Sometimes It Just Feels Good To Be Sad.” Showcasing his signature sound design paired with a minimal songwriting approach, WinWel finds himself at his most vulnerable with his latest, which he believes will help him transcend his career to a new level.
I wrote this song because I found myself feeling nostalgic and melancholic quite often, longing for sadness. And I realized that it can actually feel good to be sad, and that it’s more than okay to be. So I pictured myself, in the city where I grew up, sitting alone in the rain while listening to sad music with a smile. With that picture in mind, I wrote this song,” WinWel explains.
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