Will Smith Slaps the Astral Form Out of Chris Rock in Doctor Strange-Inspired Fan Edit

A Marvel Cinematic Universe fan has given the signature spell from Doctor Strange to Will Smith by editing the footage of the actor slapping Chris Rock onstage at the Academy Awards.

Reddit user Rchaushesku posted a video that shows Smith walking onto the stage wearing Stephen Strange's long red Cloak of Levitation. When he reaches Rock and slaps his face, an astral projection leaves the Oscar host's body and floats out behind him, much like the out-of-body experience that Strange himself experienced the first time he met The Ancient One in the original Doctor Strange film.

Doctor Strange punches Chris Rock out his body from marvelstudios

The Ancient One's ability to separate a person's soul from body has been seen a few other times in the MCU, most notably when she struck the body of the Hulk in Avengers: Endgame and revealed the astral form of Bruce Banner. With Strange taking on the mantle of Sorceror Supreme, the magic trick is now presumably part of his own arsenal.

During the 94th Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, March 27, Best Actor nominee Will Smith took offense to a joke that event host Rock made about Smith's wife. Rock referenced Jada Pinkett Smith's shaved head, which is a result of her struggle with alopecia. Smith rushed onto the stage and struck Rock across the face before returning to his seat and then twice shouting, "Keep my wife's name out your fucking mouth!" The entirety of the incident was filmed, as part of the live event.

Smith remained for the duration of the ceremony and later was awarded the Oscar for Best Actor, which he was controversially allowed to accept onstage. While doing so, he made an emotional but vague apology. The next day, he issued another public apology, this time naming Rock directly, on social media. There have been conflicting reports about whether he was asked to leave the Oscars after slapping Rock, but Smith has resigned from the Academy, and his popularity as an actor has dropped.

Nevertheless, fans have taken advantage of the new material for memes, and the skill put into this magical version of the notorious slap is sure to draw a few smiles.

Doctor Strange will be back to work his magic in a second solo film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which will knock the astral form out of theaters on May 6.

Source: Reddit

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