Why the Yona of the Dawn Anime Deserves a Second Season

Yona of the Dawn is a reverse harem fantasy anime set in the historical kingdom of Kouka. It is based on the manga of the same name by Mizuho Kusanagi. The anime was decently popular upon its release though it hasn't risen to mainstream popularity like other shoujo anime such as Vampire Knight or Fruits Basket. The manga, however, has displayed continuous popularity and success. Yona of the Dawn manga volumes frequently ranks within the Top 10 on Oricon charts upon release. That in itself is quite hard to achieve given the more profitable shounen genres frequently outrank and outsell shoujo mangas.

Despite the popularity of the manga, the anime itself has not been renewed for a second season. That said, the series lends itself to its refreshing take on the reverse harem genre as well as its cast of unique and interesting characters. Here’s a deeper look into why Yona of the Dawn deserves a second season.

The Enthralling Plot and Setting

The first season spans 24 episodes that follow Yona and Hak, as they search for the Four Dragon Warriors. The season ends just as they find the last dragon warrior, Yellow Dragon Zeno. It's an unfortunate cutoff point as the story in the manga only gets deeper and more intriguing past where the first season covered.

Yona of the Dawn Subverts Reverse Harem Tropes

yona in front of legendary dragon warriors of yona of the dawn anime

Although the Four Dragon Warriors are bound by legend to protect Yona as she is the reincarnation of King Hiryuu, they don’t all start off willing to be bound to her. However, each of them comes to respect her character and eventually decides to follow her of their own will. Yona herself doesn’t attempt to force them to follow her either, creating an equal balance of respect and free will. This in itself, sets Yona of the Dawn apart from other reverse harem anime.

The Cast of Unique Characters

Left image features a crying Yona from Yona of the Dawn; right image features a serious Yona from Yona of the Dawn

Su-won is one of the deepest and most mysterious characters throughout the series. At the start, it is not understood why Su-won decides to betray both of his childhood friends by murdering Yona’s father for the throne. He is often presented as cunning and heartless but the flashbacks to his childhood with Yona and Hak tell a different story. It is eventually revealed that he doesn’t hate Yona nor does he want her dead. In fact, he once protected Yona from being discovered. So why then did he plan such an act of betrayal? It's questions like these that give Su-won much more depth than a traditional villain character. With such compelling characters and a riveting story, it’s definitely prime time to give Yona of the Dawn the second season it deserves.

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