Why Talk No Jutsu Is Naruto’s ULTIMATE Move

Every great shonen hero has a signature move. A move they always use, a move that audiences will know from the name alone is theirs. While Naruto's Rasengan almost fits the bill, his infamous Talk no Jutsu might just be his true signature. Talk no Jutsu is Naruto's special ability" to talk down any opponent and change their ideology by having a heart-to-heart, often during or in the direct aftermath of a battle. It's an ability that's consistently seen from the beginning to the end of the series, even making appearances in the movies. It's hardly a Naruto story without it.

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While Talk no Jutsu is annoying to some and a meme to others, there is some merit to it. Every successful use of the technique is accompanied by action, showing a sliver of hope in even the darkest of situations. Each time, Naruto breaks through to his by proving who he is and what he stands for through battle, before properly explaining himself (as ninja so often do, apparently). Gaara, for example, served as a parallel to Naruto in the beginning. Both were cast aside by their villages and hated, yet both yearned for family, love and acceptance. But while Gaara turned to violence to get what he longed for, searching for power in isolation, Naruto found strength in the bonds he built with his comrades. Despite having similar childhood trauma, it shaped their perspectives in two very different ways and Naruto was able to show Gaara how his actions contradicted what he'd always wanted -- first with fists, then with words.

Pain, the leader of the Akatsuki, believed that by showing the world true suffering and loss, they could unite the people through empathy. While his methods were cruel and wrong, his ideology made sense -- even Naruto couldn't deny it. It wasn't until he met Pain in person to hear his story that Naruto finally came to understand his perspective. Again, Naruto connected their similar, painful experiences as outcasts and students of Jiraiya to help Nagato understand how twisted his ideals had become over time. Though fans are torn on whether Talk no Jutsu should have worked against an enemy so rooted in their twisted logic, this instance definitely speaks to the insurmountable power of the technique.

The only person to ever resist the powerful pull of Talk no Jutsu was Sasuke. Throughout the series, Naruto and Sasuke had three major battles, but the first was when he tried to prevent Sasuke from leaving Konoha and going rogue. In the end, Naruto failed because he hadn't experienced a loss great enough to understand what Sasuke was feeling. The second time, Sasuke had gone further to the dark side, now a wanted criminal. Although Naruto, since losing Jiraiya, could now better relate to his former friend, Sasuke was too far gone and could no longer be reached, thus rendering Talk no Jutsu useless. Their final fight, after their team up against Kaguya during the Fourth Great Ninja War, came after  Naruto and Sasuke had reached a mutual understanding, allowing Naruto's actions and words to finally reach him. Third time's the charm, it seems.

But Naruto's not the only master of this technique. Throughout shonen, heroes have relied on its power to win the day. For example, Emma from The Promised Neverland, though incredibly smart, has frequently employed the jutsu, sometimes reversing situations in ways that don't make sense. Even Mob and Reigen from Mob Psycho 100, despite having access to psychic powers that could literally change someone's mind, typically try to talk it out. But while Mob attempts to connect with others through his own experiences, Reigen is a con artist. This makes him exceptionally talented at Talk no Jutsu, as he is constantly sweet-talking people for profit.

Every opponent has left an impression on Naruto, allowing him to open his mind and become more empathetic, not just as a shinobi, but as a person, which, ultimately, strengthens this jutsu. Even his ninja way of never going back on his word is something he took from Hinata after being inspired by her fight against Neji in the chunin exams. Empathy is the key to Talk no Jutsu's incredible power, marking it as Naruto's most effective battle strategy throughout the series, raking in more wins than any other.

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