Why Saiki K. Is a Must-Watch for Fans of Mob Psycho 100 & Other Chaotic Anime

Sometimes, all an anime fan needs in a new series is something fun. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is just the right amount of chaos and comedy, making it perfect for some light watching. It’s not heavy on plot, and the story more or less follows a slice of life format with a large side of offbeat humor. So for anyone who just wants to watch something for the laughs, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is worth trying out.

The story follows the life of Saiki Kusuo, a high school student who possesses an endless list of psychic abilities. He’s basically powerful enough to become a god, but he just wants to live a normal life -- so he avoids placing unnecessary attention on himself as much as possible. However, Saiki can’t seem to catch a break; the people in his life keep getting into so much chaos and trouble that Saiki ends up secretly using his powers, resulting in a series of comedic situations. Here’s why Saiki K. is a must-watch, especially for fans of Mob Psycho 100 and the like.

Saiki Kusuo and his "friends" posing

Saiki K. does comedy in such a way that isn’t trying too hard and is easy to follow. There’s no need to explain the humor to the viewer -- its chaotic and absurd scenes pretty much speak for themselves. There are multiple running gags and occasional references to other anime. The anime also regularly breaks the fourth wall and would not hesitate to mention the manga or its creator, Shuichi Aso. Saiki’s narration often comments on something about the show, like how odd it is that all the supporting characters are in a specific episode since they usually rotate. One character, Yumehara Chiyo, complains about the struggles of being a side character and not getting enough screen time.

Since Saiki K. has a slice of life element, it is easily digestible in terms of plot. Its fast pace means each episode is just over five minutes long, while characters occasionally talk above the average speed, further adding to the chaos element. Despite this pacing, no episode ever feels like it’s lacking. Another entertaining aspect is how it adds over-the-top features to ordinary situations. For example, Saiki will do everything in his power just to avoid a person or situation, such as changing the weather or teleporting away to avoid an interaction.

Saiki K. also adds its own take on usual anime tropes while making fun of them in an almost satirical manner, through its diverse set of characters. Teruhashi Kokomi is the story's "beautiful girl" trope and is literally glowing as a representation of her self-proclaimed perfection. The cast often gets into the weirdest, dumbest situations leaving Saiki with no choice but to do something about it since he inevitably gets dragged into these events. Ironically enough, sometimes his friends get into troublesome situations because of his powers. From getting stranded on a deserted island to the hotel building accidentally disappearing on a school trip, Saiki always has a lot on his hands.

Kusuo Saiki from Saiki K. and Mob from Mob Psycho 100

For fans of Mob Psycho 100, Saiki K. is definitely more chaotic, but they have their share of similarities. For instance, both shows explore Mob and Saiki's respective struggles as powerful psychics. While they may be opposites in how they deal with their struggles, both are wholesome in their own right. They care for their family and friends and would help them out in their time of need, although they express this differently. Mob Psycho 100 has a more heartwarming approach due to Mob’s character development, while Saiki K.’s wholesomeness is subtle since it focuses more on comedy.

Either way, both anime are worth checking out and great for watching again and again. Just like Mob Psycho 100, rest assured that Saiki K. will never fail to bring viewers a smile. Saiki’s life is indeed disastrous, but that’s also what makes it so entertaining. Both the simplicity and absurdity of it all make it so appealing. And sometimes, that’s just what an anime fan needs -- a fun, borderline nonsensical show about a psychic.

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