Why PlayStation Plus Extra Is the Perfect Home for Returnal

Sony recently announced that its PlayStation Plus subscription service will be revamped into three separate tiers in June 2022. This new approach will rival Microsoft's increasingly popular Game Pass model. The middle tier of this new service, PlayStation Plus Extra, essentially combines the current PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions into one package. Although Sony won't be offering first-party day one releases on the service, it will be adding more titles to the library of available games, and PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal is perhaps the game that will benefit the most from being included.

Despite the critical praise it received at launch, Returnal didn't have the wide reach that its gameplay deserved. However, its inclusion as part of PlayStation Plus Extra could give it the perfect opportunity to thrive. With more players now owning PS5 consoles, and at a cheaper price tag, many more gamers will be willing to try it out, especially given the recent success of many similar games.

Why Returnal Is Worth Playing

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Returnal's challenging, yet smooth and enticing gameplay, coupled with its gorgeous art style, makes it one of the 2021's best games. Its innovative use of the PlayStation 5's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers further adds to its quality to create an immersive experience that's well worth playing. Unfortunately, given the extreme shortages of available PS5 consoles, many players have been unable to play the game. Additionally, being a roguelike and renowned for its difficulty, many gamers weren't willing to take the risk on it, especially given its $70 price tag at launch.

Since then, Housemarque, the game's developer, has listened to fan feedback and addressed the issues surrounding its launch save system, and has also introduced several new modes. Consequently, Returnal now offers a fantastic gameplay package that fully shows off the new functions and power of Sony's latest console in ways that many other games can't.

Why Returnal Will Thrive On PlayStation Plus Extra

In the same way that Microsoft's Game Pass has boosted the popularity of many titles such as Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, Sony's PlayStation Plus Extra will likely have the same effect. Those who choose to subscribe to this new service will have instant access to Housemarque's innovative shooter at no further cost. Therefore, those who had initial concerns over the game's difficulty and price tag will be able to try it risk-free.

In addition, more gamers will slowly be getting their hands on PS5 consoles. As such, there will naturally be a larger audience wanting to see the maximum performance of their new consoles. Returnal's full use of the PS5's power, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers make it the ideal choice for these excited players.

The recent success of roguelikes such as Hades and Sifu shows that gamers have an appetite for this genre of game. Similarly, Elden Ring's immense popularity has illustrated that players love a game that challenges them. Returnal, therefore, could be perfect for gamers looking to whet their roguelike appetites. Including it on PlayStation Plus Extra will open it up to this larger audience and allow it to be appreciated and enjoyed by many more gamers.

Returnal is a game that likely intrigued many people upon its launch, but fell short in sales due to its PS5 exclusivity, $70 price tag and infamous difficulty. However, recent titles have shown that there is a large audience for roguelikes and challenging games. Now Returnal will be available risk-free on Sony's new PlayStation Plus Extra subscription service. Those who choose to try it will likely become hooked by its stellar gameplay and graphics, as well as its brilliant use of the PS5's unique functions. As a result, its popularity should grow and reach the wider audience that it deserves.

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