Which Star Wars: Visions Episode Would Work Best as a Full Series?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: Visions Episode 5, “The Ninth Jedi” streaming now on Disney+.

One of the interesting things regarding Star Wars: Visions is that within the nine episodes -- while they're out of continuity -- there's potential for some of these self-confined stories to become spin-offs due to the rich lore quickly spun. Apart from each chapter having a different style, visually and theme-wise, the anthology really dives deep into a vast array of personal journeys and characters connected to the war between the Jedi, Sith and everyone in between. With that in mind, let's detail which episode of Star Wars: Visions could actually work best as its own series.

This is the fifth episode, "The Ninth Jedi," which really comes off like a more fleshed-out world with a before and after as it focuses on young Kara, the daughter of a lightsabersmith, Zhima. In the story, Zhima's hidden away on a planet, making the weapons for Juro, the Margrave, as the latter sends out a beacon for Jedi to come claim them.

Kara becomes a Jedi in Star Wars: Visions

Juro wants to form a new order to fight the Sith but it turns out that most of the Jedi who arrive are really Sith Lords in disguise. Sadly, their hunters take Zhima hostage on a faraway world, but Kara starts harnessing his Jedi abilities, working with Juro, a newbie in Ethan and one of the others, Roden, to destroy the Sith. Juro convinces them to form a fellowship to rescue Zhima, but also, to restart the movement and show that the Jedi aren't extinct.

This is the perfect jumping off point, because apart from tracking Zhima, they can go star-trekking. This can bring them into conflict with other Sith, Inquisitors included, as well as other potential Jedi. Having them mine these untapped resources, seeking out kyber crystals and maybe finding other masters in hiding would be epic, explaining how the war was lost.

In addition, they can also encounter Grey Jedi and the ilk, wielding yellow lightsabers who can remind them that the order isn't as pristine as envisioned, so they should tread carefully before becoming that which they stand against. It'd be a play on Luke and Rey road-tripping, as Kara does need training and a better understanding of the Force. She's got a lot of talent, so along with a nervous Ethan, they can hone their craft under Juro to become true Jedi Knights.

Ethan speaks to Margrave Juro and becomes a Jedi in Star Wars: Visions

There's also conflict within Roden as he sways to the Dark Side at times, so we can see him grappling with the beast within and becoming an uneasy ally who can turn at any time. This creates an avenue to explore their backstories, how these folks lost loved ones to Sith or the Senate/Empire's oppression and whatnot, to add more context to why they became so lost in this broken galaxy.

Kara seems to have lost her mom, while Roden has a mysterious angst to him, so these two characters alone have something obscure that fans would like to see expanded upon. It'd tie into Zhima being a recluse, hiding away his own connection to the Force, and why he eventually opted to work with Juro. It would also allow for more exploration of the adaptive lightsabers Zhima created with tempered kyber crystals, which deserve much more screen time.

Ultimately, the narratives are a many and whether it be searching temples for relics, meeting up with new weaponeers, actually forging alliances with the early era of rebels or taking on a dictatorial government, this story is teeming with possibility. It's got heart, soul, great battle aesthetics and an unpredictable air that we can see many twists unraveling away from the canon of main Star Wars properties.

All nine episodes of Star Wars: Visions are available to stream now on Disney+.

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