Which Power Rangers Series Would Make the Best Anime?

The Power Rangers franchise has been going strong since the '90s, utilizing footage from the Japanese Super Sentai shows. Due perhaps to these Japanese roots, many entries in the series would be prime material to turn into an anime. From the "teenagers with attitude" to the Zords -- and Megazords -- there are plenty of identifiable attributes within Power Rangers that could excel in animation.

There are several fan-favorite Power Rangers shows, many of which are in the "classic era" of the '90s. However, only a few entries are unique or universal enough to have the potential to be great anime. Here's a list of Power Rangers shows ripe for an animated adaptation.

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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

The original series has tons of potential to be converted into an anime. For one, Mighty Morphin' was one of the only entries in the franchise to really run with the idea of the protagonists being teenagers. An anime, even one set in Angel Grove in America, could utilize the tropes of anime set in Japanese high schools. Comparisons and similarities could also be made to the Persona series, which features teenagers taking on different forms and fighting monsters without adult supervision. The fact that it's the classic face of the franchise would also help, and the series could lean into '90s nostalgia in a stylized way that only an anime would allow.

Power Rangers In Space

Power Rangers In Space

The end of the franchise's classic era was the acclaimed Power Rangers In Space. Its planet-hopping, space opera premise would be the perfect way for an anime to combine those elements with tokusatsu storytelling. The various planets and different factions of villains in the Alliance of Evil could also provide diverse and exciting monsters for the Rangers to fight.

The show also had a darker, more ominous tone than its predecessors, which would fit a serialized anime journeying throughout the stars. This setting could also bring inspiration from classic space opera and mecha shows such as Captain Harlock and the various Gundam anime. The latter fits even more, given that the main Megazord in the series transformed instead of combining with other robots.

Power Rangers S.P.D.

S.P.D. was a later entry during the Disney era of the franchise and is considered one of this period's best. The title stands for "Space Patrol Delta," reflecting how the series is based on a futuristic Earth that is now home to several alien species. Much like In Space, this could be used to create a reasonably serious science fiction anime with futuristic elements, space opera and mechs, with the idea of space colonies and politicized invasions being very reminiscent of the aforementioned Gundam franchise.

On top of that, there are several great characters with grounded definitions and backstories, from the toast loving Green Ranger, the arrogant Blue Ranger that longs to become a Red Ranger to follow in his father's footsteps and the tragic Shadow Ranger.

Power Rangers RPM

Power Rangers RPM

The final Disney series was Power Rangers RPM, which was an exercise in using the Sentai footage to create something entirely original. Though said footage came from a decidedly childish Sentai, RPM was perhaps the darkest Power Rangers series yet. It was set in a post-apocalyptic world in which most of humanity was enslaved by a robotic army. The survivors in the city of Corinth managed only due to the force field protecting it. The show's tone and high quality make it one of the best in the entire franchise's history.

The series could easily be a tokusatsu version of anime such as Fist of the North Star and more recent classics like Attack On Titan. Plus, animation's freedom would allow it to change some of the original Sentai's goofier designs, creating an art direction far more befitting a dark dystopian series.

Which Would Make the Best Anime?

Power Rangers RPM Ziggy

If for no other reason than the obvious comparisons to other shows mentioned, RPM would be the best anime. A post-apocalyptic Attack on Titan-esque Power Rangers anime could quickly fill the void of that series ending. Being a contemporary of current shonen anime, it would likely attract viewers who might not usually watch Power Rangers. This would be made more accessible by the show's already dark and less silly premise. Plus, it not being one of the classic era shows would allow it to exist outside of a nostalgia bubble, thus escaping any unfair comparisons it would generate.

While a Power Rangers RPM anime isn't likely to come out anytime soon, it's still the best candidate if the franchise ever made the jump to animation.

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