Which Naruto Couple Is the Best at Parenting?

Throughout Boruto, there have been ups and downs for all the parents in Konaha, with emphasis on two particularly absent parental figures: Naruto and Sasuke. However, there are some parents in the Naruto universe that have done a pretty decent job and produced relatively well-adjusted children that are on their way to becoming even better ninja. Let's discuss some of these characters and who deserves a "World's Best Dad/Mom" mug.

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Shikamaru and Temari

With such an aloof and unmotivated kid like Shikadai, Shikamaru and Temari had their work cut out for them raising a practically mini version of Shikamaru but with Temari's eyes and stubbornness. However, during the Byakuya Gang incident where Shikadai was faced with a situation that challenged his understanding of abject morality, they fostered his agency and allowed him to come to his own conclusions while also providing the guidance he needed. After Shikadai lost confidence in himself, Shikamaru and Temari were quick to lend advice and support to their struggling child who was having trouble judging what was right and wrong.

While Shikamaru is busy as the top advisor to the Hokage, he still makes time to have dinner with his family and play shogi with his son once in a while. Temari is a very attentive wife and mother, training with Team 10 in her free time as well. Like Shikamaru, Shikadai was shown to have leadership qualities early on, with an added level of empathy that sometimes clashed with his obligations to his family and the village. Both Temari and Shikamaru strove to let Shikadai make his own decisions for himself and for the future but were present and ready to aid him if need be.

Ino and Sai

Ino and Sai have a surprisingly sweet relationship, considering Ino's oversensitive personality and Sai's abrasiveness. Their relationship has developed into a rather healthy, raising a child with an incredible level of compassion. However, their kid Inojin has a somewhat tactless personality. When Inojin had difficulty creating the super beast scroll and could not connect with his emotions, Ino and Sai were able to gently lead him to gain a better understanding of other people and himself.

Like both his parents in many aspects, Inojin gets impatient and can give up easily, but is determined and emotionally invested in things he gets attached to. Ino and Sai always sought to foster that part of him, encouraging him to express himself however he saw fit. They provided a solid family unit for Inojin that he was always able to find solace in and return to, but they were confident in his ability to find answers for himself and simply there to lend a helping hand.

Rock Lee

Rock Lee from Boruto

Yes, this is a "couples" article, but single dads deserve love, too. Though Lee's positive reinforcement and Guy's reassurance, Metal was able to come to terms with his anxiety and turn his weakness into strength. While Metal believed that his father thought he was weak, Lee always believed in Metal's abilities. He was, however, wary of his son's resolve, resorting to challenging Metal to reinforce that resolve while also allowing his son to accept his faults and use them to make him stronger.

Honorable Mentions: Hinata and Sakura

As far as semi-single motherhood goes, Hinata and Sakura are definitely doing better than most. Their struggle to provide parental stability to two of the most stubborn shinobi in Konoha is a feat in itself. Because of Naruto and Sasuke's absence, these two women have had to overcompensate for the lack of a father figure while also attempting to shield their children from the disappointment that it comes with. Hinata and Sakura are incredibly supportive if not mildly overprotective mothers that only want the best for their kids and do everything in their power to provide that for them, but unfortunately, their other halves disqualify them from "best couple" status.

All of the parents in the Konoha strove to raise well-adjusted, capable shinobi that would make up the next generation of ninja. Each was able to do so with varying degrees of success, but Shikamaru and Temari definitely take the cake as one of the best parents in the Hidden Leaf, with Ino and Sai as a close second. While each having demanding jobs, Shikamaru and Temari were still present and ready to provided guidance and support for Shikadai as well as for the other kids in the village. Konoha's parents defiantly don't have it easy with Boruto's and company, but they are all tried their hardest to raise the next generation of shinobi to be the best they could be.

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