Which Digimon Are Most Likely to Vape?

Ever since the anime's debut in 1999, Digimon has been capturing the hearts of young anime fans. This is thanks, in part, to the series' interesting monster designs. Sometimes they're cute and cuddly, other times they're epic and menacing. Regardless of what they look like, though, there are loads of stressors in the Digital World. If anything, the anime proves its not an easy life for Digimon.

Everyone has their own way to handle stress and relax, but have you ever wondered if Digimon relax the same way we do? Maybe they read a book, crack open their favorite drink, watch some anime, or maybe even... vape? We don't know for sure, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate about which Digimon are most likely to vape.

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This one is easy. Just one look at the grassy, plant-based design and it's already guaranteed Lillymon hits the vape. It has literal leaves on its back. Those green boots with flowers on them scream vape energy. And just look at her overall vibe -- it's so joyful and upbeat. Vaping could help deal with anxiety, and while Lillymon is known for having a whimsical attitude, she's also prone to crying. A nice vape pen could definitely be the answer here.


This completely adorable Digimon is sure to vape regularly. Calm, laid-back and easy-going are the only ways to define Terriermon's personality. In fact, "Take it easy" (or "momentai") is its catchphrase. Terriermon would be the chill one in the group who doesn't make a big deal about vaping and smoking all the time, but also never goes anywhere without its pen. Terriermon definitely shares its stash around, and welcomes everyone around it to join the experience. Absolutely nothing can kill its vibe. Once you're in Terriermon's presence, even you can't do anything but relax.


sunflowmon Digimon

Sunflowmon just always looks dazed. Take one look into its eyes and all you'll see is a blank expression staring back -- an expression that screams, "I just hit the vape." Sunflowmon is perpetually faded. It certainly doesn't help that it also has massive leaf wings on its neck -- an odd place to have them, and one that exudes awkward and empty space energy. There's no doubt that Sunflowmon sits in its apartment alone in a haze from its vape pen and contemplates the wonderful mysteries of life and the Digital World.


Stingmon Digimon

Stingmon is highly intelligent, super agile, incredibly athletic, but most importantly: it has the coolest demeanor about its sense of justice. That's how we know Stingmon vapes -- it has to get rid of the added stress of its assassin-style lifestyle. Calm, cool and collected, even while he is kicking evil out of trees, Stingmon vapes on the low -- not while posting to social media or in the middle of class. Instead, Stingmon is the confident one in the back of your college course who likes to be outgoing and focuses on its goals, using a pen to socialize and take a load off every now and then.


Digimon Gekomon

A vape pen may not be Gekomon's main release. Gekomon has definitely tried other stuff, there is no doubt about it. Gekomon looks like the type to try absolutely anything once and even more of it twice. So, of course, Gekomon vapes, and probably loads of other things this article won't make mention of. And he likely doesn't do any of it alone. But while Gekomon doesn't have a completely terrible personality, think about it: Would you vape with someone with three holes for a tongue?

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