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Before the genre became known for starring skeletons, slimes and spiders, KonoSuba was and arguably still is one of the premiere fantasy isekai franchises. Featuring a world inspired by RPGs, as well as several fantasy tropes and colorful characters, KonoSuba established much of what's expected out of isekai today.

Like many titles in the genre, it began as a novel series before taking on several different iterations, most notably an anime adaptation. Sadly for fans, the wait for a continuation is seemingly endless, but this means it's now the perfect time to get into the quintessential isekai and see everything the genre has to offer. Here's more about KonoSuba's story and where to read and watch its adaptations.

The Story of Konosuba

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KonoSuba is about a NEET named Kazuma Sato who gets the chance to reincarnate into another world following a particularly terrible death. This world is based on MMORPG elements, allowing Kazuma to fight monsters and enemies while traversing the fantasy setting. He chooses to be accompanied by the goddess Agua.

Unfortunately, she's incredibly dim-witted in her own right, making her a less-than-helpful teammate. Nevertheless, she and Kazuma form a ragtag party in the hopes of defeating the Demon King -- although Kazuma seems far more content simply acclimating to his new world. That won't be a possibility, however, as each action inches him closer to fighting this fiendish foe.

Where to Read Konosuba

Natsume Akatsuki's KonoSuba series began in 2012 as a web novel series before becoming a series of light novels, which ran from 2013 and ended last year in 2020. A spin-off light novel series titled KonoSuba: An Explosion on this Wonderful World, which was set before the main series, also ran for five volumes starting in 2016. Moreover, there have been several other spin-off light novels, as well as a manga adaptation that began in 2014 and is still currently running.

The manga is available digitally through Comixology, while Amazon, Books-a-Million and other retailers sell physical versions of both the manga and light novels. Sadly, the original web novel has not been localized, although it does feature a plot that's notably divergent from the other adaptations.

Where to Watch Konosuba

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The anime version of KonoSuba is produced by Studio Deen, who also handled projects for major franchises such as Initial DHetalia and Sailor Moon. The first season began in 2016 and lasted for 10 episodes, with a special OVA continuation packaged with the 9th volume of the manga. The second and (so far) final anime season also had 10 episodes, and was followed two years later with the theatrical movie continuation KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson, which adapted the light novel's fifth volume. It has been recently confirmed that a new animated project is in the works for the series, although whether it will be a third season or another movie is still unknown.

Viewers can stream KonoSuba on the Crunchyroll streaming service, VRV or HBO Max, the former two of which also have the movie Legend of Crimson. Amazon, Walmart and Right Stuf Anime have the Blu-ray collections of the show, although Walmart currently only carries the first season in stock. However, there is no physical release in the West for the movie as of yet, which was only dubbed into English earlier this year through Crunchyroll.

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