What Is the Best Romance Manhwa and Where Can You Find It Online?

Romance remains the dominant genre across manhwa media, appealing to readers through its beautiful artwork and heart-fluttering dialogue. Manhwa is becoming increasingly accessible to readers through convenient online platforms like Webtoon and Tapas. With the popular demand for manhwa-style storytelling, here are the best romance manhwa and where you can read them online right now.

True Beauty

As one of the biggest webtoon titles that recently received a K-drama adaptation, True Beauty is a must-read for romance manhwa fans. The series stars Jugyeong, who masters makeup to prevent herself from getting bullied by completely transforming her looks. In high school, she meets a troubled tsundere named Suho at the local comic book store. She soon meets Suho's ex-best friend Seojun, who later becomes a K-pop idol. While this romance webtoon centers around the complex and fascinating love triangle between the three friends, it also tackles larger themes regarding inner beauty and self-worth. Fans can read new episodes of True Beauty weekly every Wednesday on the Webtoon platform.

Let's Play

As another hit romance webtoon slated to receive a K-drama adaptation in the future, Let's Play stars a software and game developer named Sam Young who's set to inherit Young Technologies. Sam and her friends have an online raid group, and they bond over their love for video games while meeting at their local coffee shop. Their lives are continuously shaken up when a famous game streamer named Marshall Law moves into the apartment next to Sam. As the young tech geeks learning to navigate adulthood and relationships, this endearing friend group will keep fans on their toes as they question who will ultimately end up with who. Let's Play can be read weekly on the Webtoon platform every Tuesday.

Positively Yours

Positively Yours is the famous romance manhwa starring a couple who accidentally become pregnant after a one-night stand. After Hee-won's two best friends get into a relationship and she becomes a third wheel, she goes drinking to get over her lost love. At the bar, Hee-won fatefully runs into Doo-joon Kang, a wealthy and famous CEO who has previously refrained from dating. After discovering that Hee-won's pregnant, Doo-joon is determined to marry her and raise a happy family together despite starting out as strangers. New episodes of Positively Yours are available every Friday on Tapas.

A Business Proposal

Also available on Tapas, A Business Proposal stars another dashing dark-haired CEO and his company's employee. Ha-ri goes on a blind date in her best friend's place so she can prevent future unwanted marriage proposals. To her dismay, the blind date is with the young new CEO of her company, and Ha-ri has to pretend to be her best friend while hiding her true identity. However, Taemu shows up with the intention of marrying his blind date so his family will no longer bother him about marriage. Through a web of lies and deceit, this forced office romance threatens to blossom into a real one.

Midnight Poppy Land

Recently premiering its second season, the hit romance title Midnight Poppy Land became a rapid sensation on Webtoon, where it's released every Saturday. Starring a mafia gangster named Tora who's also infamously known as the "legendary tiger of Ares Street," his world drastically changes when he meets Poppy Wilkes. Poppy is a sheltered and quirky small-town girl who moves to the city to work for a book publisher. Despite being from completely different worlds, Poppy and Tora prove that opposites attract as they gradually fall in love with one another.

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