What Is the Best Electronic Dance Music Documentaries?

Electronic Dance Music is the hottest new music genre. Yet, very few people know much about it. The vast majority of people who are familiar with the “rave” and “house” genres of music tend to focus only on those aspects of it that fall under those umbrella names. This electronic dance music documentary seeks to broaden the horizons of those who appreciate this kind of music.

The documentary begins with an account of how rave first began. From the birth of the electronic dance music scene, through its development to the present day. Then it follows how electronic dance music has evolved over the past couple of decades. Some of the earliest tracks even featured snippets from the original Star Wars films! The evolution of electronic dance music is graphically represented through a series of videos. The movie eventually reveals how the vision of some true electronic dance music pioneers lead to the emergence of this growing trend.

The second half of the documentary traces the ebb and flow of electronic dance music over the last two decades. As it moves from infancy to its current stage, some of the pioneers are interviewed. New voices are introduced along the way. Many of those who knew the genre while it was still relatively underground are now included as experts. These interviews provide an inside look into what it’s really like to be involved with electronic dance music. The documentary ends with a final examination of what’s next for this art form.

While not strictly an educational film, Dance Music From The Moon (DMC) is a remarkable documentary film. Not only does it offer a behind-the-scenes look at how the electronic dance music industry works today, but it offers an insightful look into what the artists who make it are really like. You can even obtain a special autographed copy for yourself.

Another documentary about electronic dance music that is available to viewers today is What Electronic Dance Music Means to Me. This is the story of one man’s quest to understand what electronic dance music means to him. The movie follows DJ Craze, aka Eric Winter, as he travels the world. At each location he visits, he speaks with the local people and learns about their lives and their musical tastes. At the end of each visit he takes a short recording and discusses it with the locals. The result is a unique and refreshingly real look into the electronic music culture of tomorrow.

If you love watching what’s happening in and around California then you’ll want to check out California Nails. This is a comprehensive multimedia project which uncovers the history, magic and beauty of the California rave culture. Produced by award winning videographer Jay Baer and narrated by Kato Kaelin this documentary is designed to both inform and entertain. It features exclusive footage never released to the public, never-before pictures and never-before interviews. It’s a must-see for anyone interested in electronic music documentaries.

A newer entry in the long list of what electronic music documentaries about our Dance of the Mind with Steve Liatris and The End of Times with Mark Langan. They’re an intriguing duo who have put out several documentaries on the subject of house music. While neither of them is truly a new wave of documentary filmmakers they do bring to light overlooked sides and histories of the dance music industry that are often left unexplored or ignored. When looking for what electronic music documentaries about are worth your time and effort this pair of films would be a great start.

No list of what electronic dance music documentaries about should be without including Music Makers: A Look at the History of Electronic House Music. Directed by Michael Caine and filmed over four years the film traces the evolution of electronic music through the maturation of the sounds and demos from the house music pioneers such as Kraftwerk, John Butler, Paul Simon, David Bowie and loads of others. They also document the history of electronic dance music as it was emerging around the globe. A great addition to anyone interested in electronic dance music documentaries. The film is available for purchase as a DVD and there’s a detailed description and the official site along with a synopsis. This would make a great introduction to anyone interested in electronic dance music.