“Welcome to The Last Goodbye”: What’s Going On With ODESZA?

The ODESZA faithful are waiting with bated breath after the beloved electronic music duo launched a cryptic campaign called "Welcome to The Last Goodbye."

ODESZA quietly rolled out the enigmatic initiative via a new microsite that invites visitors to subscribe with either their phone number or email. Entering your phone number triggers an automated text message containing the phrase "Welcome to The Last Goodbye," as well as an attachment to add ODESZA as a contact.

The attachment leads to a landing page at Laylo, a tool artists use to directly message their fans—a not-so-ironic partnership considering ODESZA's tight-lipped nature and tendency to go on extended hiatuses. The duo's Laylo page encourages fans to enter a phone number to "get notified about exclusive content, merch, and event drops" via recurring text messages.

But even though the phrasing is tantamount to torture, it's too early to read the tea leaves of "Welcome to The Last Goodbye." Yes, theoretically it could refer to the worst-case scenario—a doomsday-esque final tour—but it may just as easily be a cheeky way of revealing the title of an upcoming album. ODESZA recently confirmed that new music is on the way in 2022.

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"Welcome to The Last Goodbye": What's Going On With ODESZA?

The rumor mill is swirling after the tight-lipped duo launched a cryptic microsite.

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Regardless, fans are tearing hell for leather into the rumor mill:

EDM.com has reached out to ODESZA's management but they did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

You can access the "Welcome to The Last Goodbye" microsite and subscribe here.


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