Welcome to Demon School’s Student Council President Holds Her Own in Monstrous Combat

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 16 of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun!, "The Name of This Feeling," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In Episode 16 of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun!'s second season, Iruma Suzuki and his classmates face mortal peril as the Six Fingers organization launches its violent plan in the middle of Walter Park. Kalego pressures his students to impress him during mortal combat against a monster, and the Babyls students are scattered. However, student council president Azazel Ameri demonstrates that she feels no fear. In fact, she's more confident than ever.

Ameri knows her duty at Babyls. And as Walter Park becomes a war zone in the episode, she stands by Opera's side to prove why she was chosen as Babyls' student president, including her bloodline ability, Romanticist, as well as dem-dol music lyrics to spur her on.

ameri opera fighting

In the episode, Opera faces the giant rodent monster alone at first, until Azazel Ameri returns to the scene. She explains that the other students are safe elsewhere and as student council president, she is duty-bound to face any threat to Babyls and its students. She and Opera form a tag team against the rat monster, and despite her youth, Ameri can keep up with an expert fighter like Opera. She is more than a mere pencil-pushing council president -- she has physical combat abilities to match and the will to use them.

Opera notes that the gem on the rat's forehead is its weakness, and Ameri prepares to finish the job with Romanticist. It grants Ameri enormous power, based on her self-confidence and self-image, and Opera notes that if Ameri suffers doubt or fear, the power will harm her. Based on her stellar performance against the monster, Ameri's confidence is unfaltering, using the power of love and music to sustain her resolve in battle until the rodent monster falls.

azazel ameri iruma-kun

It's easy for any demon to channel their inner darkness and fight for the sake of glory and domination, such as Sabnock Sabro, who aims to become the next demon king. By contrast, Welcome to Demon School's Azazel Ameri fights for heroic reasons. She has little to prove about herself, both as the student council president and a Waw (6) rank demon. Instead, Ameri fights for love, a pure and selfless thing in her case.

It's more than just platonic love, too. During the episode, Kurumo sings a popular love song to everyone taking shelter, narrated by a girl empowered by her romantic feelings. Ameri is clearly a big fan of that particular tune as she sings the lyrics to herself while fighting the giant rodent. Coming from her, the lyrics speak of her immense infatuation with Iruma. Although Iruma is absent from Ameri's battlefield, she fights as though he were watching, seeking to impress him.

This selfless, brave act is fitting for a student council president who puts others before herself, setting a good example with her strength and faith in herself. Kalego's students fight well in their own battle, but Ameri fights for more than sheer survival or impressing a teacher: she fights because it's right.

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