Welcome to Demon School!: The Misfits Class Is Full of Surprises

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, Episode 7, “The Teachers of Babyls”, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Even though the Misfits Class is one of the most important parts of Welcome to Demon School! , and some students have already had important arcs in the series, like the secret idol Keroli, the individual students have not all gotten the chance they need to really shine. Episode 7 of Season 2 finally gives everyone in the class their own spot to showcase their unique abilities and how special the Misfits Class really is.

Episode 6 ends with Iruma giving the class pickpocket, Andro Jazz, a special assignment; Episode 7 reveals that his task is to steal a personal item from Kalego. Jazz’s bloodline ability “Furtive Glance” allows him to see the stuff other people carry and extend his fingers to steal them. Jazz wears a ring on each of his fingers to hone his abilities, and he successfully steals Kalego’s journal while Iruma distracts him.

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The journal is then used to bribe Momonoki, Kalego’s admirer. And this is only the beginning of Iruma’s plan of using people’s weaknesses against them. This plan works like a charm against most teachers at Babyls, who all have eccentric interests that the Misfits Class can exploit.

This is the first time that some of the classmates displayed their abilities, such as Allocer Schneider who is the top-ranked academic in school; and the always sleepy Agares Picero, who can manipulate any ground surface. The Misfits are all exceptional in different ways, and with a good leader like Iruma, they can finally use their powers fully.

The standouts in Iruma’s plan are definitely Shax Lead and X Elizabetta. They team up against the Astrology teacher, Orias Oswell. Orias loves to play games which makes him the perfect opponent for the equally fun-loving Lead. But he is also tough to defeat because his bloodline magic can turn all the luck towards him, making him virtually unbeatable in a game of random chance.

But Lead and Elizabetta are able to use Orias’ abilities against him with Elizabetta’s family magic “Full Love Gauge,” which can make anyone work in her favor. But her ability works via smell, so this is where Lead’s bloodline ability “Controller,” which stifles people’s senses, comes into play. Lead robs Orias’ eyesight during the game as a way to distract from the real sense he is stealing: the sense of smell. So Lead ends up winning because Orias has been working for them without his own knowledge.

While Lead and Elizabetta’s plan all hinges on deception, Sabnock Sabro’s plan against the healing arts teacher, Buer Blushenko, is simply sincerity. Sabnock attacked Blushenko on the first day of class, it would take him to the top of the ranks, but it instead made Blueshenko an enemy. Sabnock has since learned from Iruma that raw strength is worthless without compassion, so he apologizes to Blushenko by showing him the root of his wings -- the highest form of respect in the demon world. Blushenko is moved by Sabnock’s sincerity and signs the transfer request.

While his classmates work, Iruma has also been keeping busy. He continues to help out the school janitor with heavy lifting and gardening. And when Kerori suggests that she reveal her secret idol identity to help with the signatures, Iruma declines because he knows that this is not what she wants. All these actions suggest that Iruma still maintains his inner kindness even though he’s now “evil”. For the teachers that are still unwilling to sign the transfer request, Iruma decides to seek the approval of the student council president Ameri as a way to convince the hold-outs.

Ameri tries to be fair and balanced despite her huge crush on Iruma, and she asks Iruma about his true intentions. Iruma admits that he is doing all the work so that everyone at Babyls will start to respect the Misfits Class and see them as the brilliant demons that he knows them to be, once again proving that Iruma is the best leader for the Misfits Class.

After two days of hard work, all that’s left is to obtain Kalego’s signature, but this seems almost impossible, given his hardline stance against the classroom transfer. In the end credit scene, it is revealed that he is even aware that the Misfits stole his journal, so expect a tough confrontation ahead.

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