Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun: A New Face Joins Season 2’s Devilish Fun

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun, Season 2, Episode 1, “The Secret Behind the Ring,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun was a surprise anime hit in 2019. Its cheerful take on the demon version of Hogwarts and the comedic cast of characters made it one the most delightful shonen anime of late. After a two-year wait, Season 2 has arrived with all the familiar faces fans know -- and a very interesting new addition.

Episode 1's recap is delivered by a new character: Alicred (or Ali-san for short), the demon residing in Iruma's Ring of Gluttony. Ali-san was initially a mindless spirit who only knew hunger in Season 1, almost killing the Abnormal Class students after Iruma got hold of the ring. But that ring became a part of Iruma, and after he ranked up to Gimmel (Rank 3), Ali-san also grew, developing his own consciousness and the ability to talk.

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The sarcastic and overly dramatic Ali-san is a great addition to Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun, and an ideal comedic foil for the gullible Iruma. But he’s also a mentor figure, teaching Iruma how to properly use the Ring of Gluttony's magic. Ali-san explains that magic is about desire and imagination. Though Iruma does not yet have a great imagination -- when Ali-san tells him to imagine himself in clothes that he wouldn’t normally wear, the only thing he can think of is a girl’s dress, which he actually did wear in Season 1.

Unfortunately for Iruma, Ameri Azazel, the Student Council President who has a crush on him -- and an overly active imagination -- just happens to walk in while Iruma is wearing the dress. It’s a hilarious scene that drives the plot for the rest of the episode. Now that Ameri thinks Iruma is a cross-dresser, Iruma must try to explain the truth to her without sounding delusional.

To Iruma's dismay, no one else believes the Ring of Gluttony has a consciousness -- not even his powerful and knowledgeable demon grandfather Sullivan. Ali-san is a very special and rare occurrence, which means Iruma is also special -- both because he's a human and for his massive magical potential. Ali-san appeals to Iruma’s softer side and asks him to keep the demon's existence a secret. Iruma agrees for the sake of not standing out.

Ali-san's appearance also brings exciting prospects for Iruma’s growth. No other demon knows Iruma is human, so no one else can really help him navigate the world of demon magic. Since Ali-san’s growth is tied to Iruma’s rank, it'll be fun to see how the two of them mature and change together.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun Season 2 Episode 1 does have a noticeably slower pace, mostly due to its organic recap of Season 1's events. Though it certainly doesn't drag on, and the comedy remains on point. The only disappointment so far is that the new OP and ED are not as catchy as Season 1’s hypnotic “Babi Babi Babi Ru” and “Devi-Cue.” Though they are still fun songs and it’s great to see everyone in the Abnormal Class dancing together -- a hint for what’s about to come in Season 2.

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