Welcome to Demon School!: Iruma Just Had a TERRIFYING Harry Potter Moment

WARNING: the following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 14 of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun!, "Everyone's Playmates," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Abnormal Class at Babyls has already proven its worth in Season 2 of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun!, and with Iruma Suzuki as the class's unofficial leader, the class recently earned the right to the Royal One classroom. The students also passed all their exams, also earning them a little fun over summer break at Walter Park.

Having never been to an amusement park here or in the human world, Iruma loves it, which unfortunately makes him liable to get carried away or get lost. Sure enough, he takes a very wrong turn at Walter Park in Episode 14 and sees the worst side of demon-kind in this world's version of Knockturn Alley from Harry Potter.

Iruma Suzuki Stumbles Upon Kararagi Street

Iruma may have a friend and ally in his teacher Balam but in a huge and crowded place like Walter Park, accidents are still possible, and carefree kids like Iruma are likely to end up lost or getting into trouble no matter how vigilant their chaperones are. Walter Park is home to the dreaded Kararagi Street, where demons can blow off steam in their evil phases while peddling illicit goods -- and that's exactly where Iruma ends up in the episode, unsurprising for a magnet for trouble like him. For the most part, the demon realm is a fun and sanitized version of what it could have been, but Kararagi Street is a different story. Here, demons are truly demons, and Iruma isn't ready for it.

Kararagi Street is the Knockturn Alley of Walter Park because while kids are safe to wander around Walter Park/Daigon Alley, one wrong step takes them to a sinister alternate street with forbidden wares. Kararagi Park and the infamous Harry Potter Alley are shadowy places where isolated youths such as Iruma and Harry can easily get lost and taken advantage of if they're alone. It is unlikely that even Iruma's cool-guy evil form would know what to do here, and it isn't long before one of Kararagi Street's shady inhabitants seizes Iruma's arm and drags him into an alley -- until a pale young woman intervenes on Iruma's behalf without warning.

Enter Shiida, Iruma's Temporary Guardian Angel

iruma with shiida

Iruma thanks the woman for the help, but it's obvious that this young woman -- the slightly awkward Shiida -- is not used to handling kids. Shiida gives Iruma a stern warning about avoiding Walter Park's dark side and then she wanders off. She soon returns with ice cream, however, and offers it to her new human friend. Shiida means well; she simply has trouble expressing it. Iruma relaxes and accepts Shiida as a friend, and to repay her, he explores the park with Shiida by his side, doing his best to include her in the fun. Iruma is rattled by the experience, but he's not afraid any longer. Being around demons for an entire semester has toughened him up somewhat.

Shiida essentially serves as Iruma's Hagrid in this analogy, but not for long. She actually belongs to the shadowy plot involving the forbidden basement's prisoners as a member of the Six Fingers, and Iruma has no idea. Even when saved from Welcome to Demon School's Knockturn Alley, Iruma remains in danger.

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